• Dexter Hastings

Britain Awaits BcB Promotions

Britain Awaits BcB Promotions 28/9/19

Black Country boxing Promotions held there latest show at the Walsall town Hall Walsall (28.9.19). The show had 6 fights on it with Lennox Clarke, Andrew Robinson and Ruben Campbell all doing 4 rounder’s. There were two debutants also doing 4 rounder’s they were Kashif Khan and Owen Cooper. The main event was Hot prospect Liam Davis doing his first six rounder, with David Nikolich comparing, Martin Whitehall refereeing and the stunning ring girl Fiona from Diamond Ring girls doing the cards the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Lennox Clarke v Darryl Sharp 12.12           4x3         12.7 Cruiserweight

Steady start to the first round by Clarke who controlled the centre of the ring, Sharp let off the odd shot off. Clarke got some good right hands off in the second as he pressed Sharp getting some good combinations off, Sharp kept it interesting by getting the odd shot off but it was Clarkes round. Sharp got some good shots off in the third but Clarke’s power and combination selection won him the round. Clarke dominated the final round with some heavy right hands and nice combinations, Sharp continued to fight back but this was Clarke's round and fight.

Result Dexter 40-36 Ref - 40-36

Clarke wins on points

Fight 2 Andrew Robinson v Eric Nwankwo 12             4x3         11.13 Light Heavyweight

Robinson came out firing in the first with some nice fast combinations, Nwankwo got some good shots in but it was Robinsons round. Robinson kept up the fast pace in the second but Nwankwo was getting some good shots off. As the round went on Robinson started getting threw with some heavy shots dropping him with a cracking left hook, Nwankwo attempted to get up but the ref waved the fight off just before the bell went.


Robinson wins 2nd round KO

Fight 3 Ruben Campbell v Ibrar Riyaz 10.8         4x3        10.4 Super Welterweight

Campbell controlled the round from start to finish with his jab, Riyaz could only cover up. In the second everything came off Campbell’s sharp jab setting up nice combinations, Riyaz fought back but it was Campbell’s round. Campbell got on his toes in the third moving around the ring well, everything still came off that sharp jab as he banged in some heavy combinations. Riyaz to his credit got some good shots off of his own but it was Campbell’s round. Campbell stayed on his toes in the final round picking off Riyaz with nice jabs and great fast combinations. Riyaz continued to battle hard but there was only one winner.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 39-38 Campbell wins on points

Fight 4 Kashif Khan v Dean Jones 9 13        4x3         9.13 Super Welterweight

Frantic start to Khans debut as he poured on the pressure from the first bell, Jones weathered the storm but didn’t get much off as Khan controlled the round. Jones had his guard high in the second as he put the pressure on Khan for the whole round, Khan who had settled down now, boxed well under pressure getting some nice combinations off. Jones continued to pressure Khan in the third and was making him work hard on his debut, Khan got the round with the better shots. In the final Jones really put the pressure on as Khan seemed to be struggling with the pace, Jones got some cracking shots off to finish the final round strong.

Result Dexter - 39-37 Ref - 39-38 Khan wins on points

Fight 5 Owen Cooper v Paul Cummings 10.9        4x3            11 Middleweight

Cooper came out with all guns blazing in the first round of his debut, he banged in combinations to Cummings head and body making the veteran journeyman cover up. In the second Cooper continued his excellent work from the start banging in hurtful combinations to the body and head. Cummings returned fire with some good shots of his own but it was Coopers round. The pace had slowed in the third but Cooper picked his shots well getting some good combinations off to win the round. Cummings came out strong in the final round and really put it on Cooper, Cooper returned fire catching Cummings with some good shots great end to a good fight.

Result Dexter - 40-37 Ref - 40-37

Cooper wins on points

Fight 6 Main Event Liam Davies v Jose Aguilar 8.12       6x3        8.12 Lightweight

Explosive start by Davies who got some cracking combinations off from the first bell, he got some hurtful body shots in with one of them going a bit south of the boarder which gave Aguilar a chance to have a rest and recover, great start to this six rounder. Davies picked his shots well in the second as he dominated with great combinations. He had Aguilar down near the end of the second with a cracking combinations, Aguilar got up and managed to see the round out.

In the third Davies again dominated the round from start to finish picking some cracking combinations to Aguilar head and body, the ref could have stopped the fight several times in this round but Aguilar saw the bell. The pace had slowed in the fourth but Davies was picking his shots well and still getting good combinations off. Davies ended the fight with a cracking combination with an evil body shot being the sickening shot that put Aguilar down with the ref counting him out.


Davies wins 4th round stoppage

Dexter’s Thoughts

Always like watching boxing at the Walsall town hall and Britain awaits was a great show to watch there. Nice steady start to the show by the mandatory British challenger Lennox Clarke. He banged in some cracking body shots and some good combinations as he ticked over while he waits for a date for a title fight. D’Animal Andrew Robinson was in no mood to mess about taking out his opponent with a cracking left hook. Robinson is also mandatory for the British title and made a big statement on this show. Ruben Campbell kept his unbeaten record with a great display of boxing. He had a great jab got some good combinations off and showed good movement, great display of boxing. Kashif Khan had a hard fought debut but showed great determination and boxing craft to get the win. He will learn a lot from this fight as he was pushed all the way by Jones. Owen Cooper also made his debut in front of a big support, he looked really good and had some good shot selection. Cummings gave him a good test for his first fight and like Khan he will learn from it. Davies put on a great display of boxing in his first 6 rounder, he dominated every round and dropped his opponent in 2nd. In my opinion the ref could have stopped the fight several times in the third as he battered his opponent. He ended it in the 4th with a sickening body shot that actually made his opponent throw up. Davies is now 5-0 and I have to say he is looking like a hot prospect and I can definitely see title in his future. The Birmingham boxing Column would like to thank BcB for having us at there show.