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Fields takes another unbeaten record

Smoking Joe’s road warrior Ben Fields has been at it again taking another prospects unbeaten record. Nathan Bennett was 7 without defeat going into this fight with the “O-Taker” Ben Fields in his home town of Liverpool at the Olympia (6,10,19). Bennett was very confident that he could beat Fields calling him out for this 6 round fight. Fields who has got a 10 round super lightweight eliminator against Lee Appleyard for the English title on the 23rd November did not hesitate in accepting the challenge. Fields had only fought the week before on a VIP Promotions show taking Andrew Fleming’s (7-0 at the time) unbeaten record but as always was up for the job.

The fight as always was a cracker when Fields is involved, it was very high paced with Fields pressing and putting pressure on and the much taller Bennett using his jab well with some good movement tying Fields up when he got close. The first round went back and forth and I could not separate them. In the second Bennett showed why he was unbeaten using his jab well and getting some cracking combinations off. Fields pressed hard and got some good shot off of his own when he got inside but in was Bennetts round. The third was another back and forth round with both fighters doing what they do best, Fields getting on the inside and Bennett using his jab and keeping in long, another even round.

The forth was the turning point as Fields started to wear Bennett down and really got some great combinations off keeping Bennett on the ropes for most of the round. In the fifth Bennett fought back hard and showed loads of heart but Fields continued to press and bang in combinations on the inside winning the round. The final round was a cracker with both fighters leaving it all in the ring Bennett fought with heart but so did Fields who was not going to be denied this victory, even round.

At the final bell no one really knew who had won as it was that close, the ref had it 57-58 to Fields myself I had it 58-59 Fields, this was another well deserved win for the Smoking Joe’s Road Warrior.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Well Fields does it again, he has took another young prospects unbeaten record and now heads into his English eliminator on a 4 fight unbeaten run. Fields only came into the pro game to be a journeyman but he is far from that, his story is well documented and he has had an amazing journey getting to where he is. He is an inspirational person and I have a great feeling that he will beat Appleyard and go on an challenge for the English title. If he is victorious in that then who knows where Ben Fields journey will take him, all I know is that the Birmingham Boxing Column will be following his journey all the way. 

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