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  • Dexter Hastings

We are Wolves Bcb Promotions

The Birmingham boxing Column headed to Wolverhampton to see championship boxing promoted by Black Country Boxing Promotions at the Hangar event venue (18/10/19). The show had nine fights on the card with 4 fights being over 4 three minute rounds, 3 fights over 6 three minute rounds and a female fight over 4 two minute rounds. The main event was a WBO European title fight in the Bantamweight division contested over 10 three minute rounds. Contesting for the title was the home boxer Kyle Williams who was taking on Lonut Baluta for the title, Baluta was not eligible to win the title due to not making weight. There were three refs on the night Shaun Messer, Chris Deen and doing the main event was Michael Alexander and with the ring girl being the stunning Laura from Diamond ring girls the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Clayton Bricknell v Stu Greener 9.12 4x3 10 Super Welterweight

Great first round of the night with Greener starting well and getting some good shots off Bricknell came back strong in the second part of the round with good combinations winning the round. Tough second round with Bricknell sustaining a cut above his right eye, both fighters went for it getting good shots off, Greener nicked this round for me. The third was another hard fought round by both fighters with both of them getting good shots off, would have to give this round to Greener. Bricknell started the final round strong but Greener seemed happy to exchange shots, a toe too toe round with Greener edging it.

Result Dexter - 37-39 Ref - 38-39 Greener wins on points

Fight 2 James Beech jr v Michael Mooney 9.9 4x3 10 Super Welterweight

Steady first round for Beech picking his shots well looking sharp. In the second Beech continued his good work using his jab well as he moved Mooney around the ring. The third was another nice steady round by Beech who picked his shots well, Mooney had a go back but it was still Beach’s round. Beech picked up the pace in the final round with everything coming off his fast jab, Mooney again had a go but Beech won the round with ease.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Beech wins on points

Fight 3 Female fight Kirstie Bavington v Monica Atonik 10.4 4x2 10.4 Super Welterweight

Bavington started strong and banged in some heavy shots, her opponent had no answer and was in survival mode from there on in going down midway threw the round. She took a 8 count and some how managed to see the round out. The writing was on the wall in the second as Bavington blasted shots in with Atonik having no answer with the ref Shaun Messer stopping the fight 1 minute 20 seconds into the round.

Result Bavington wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 4 Shaka Thompson v Bryn Wain 11.8 6x3 11.12 Super Middleweight

Thompson picked his shots well in the first as he moved around the ring controlling the round. Thompson continued to pick his shots in the second catching him with a cracking right hand putting Wain down, he took a 8 count and continued but Thompson just banged in heavy combinations for the rest of the round. Thompson really put the hurt on Wain in the third who had to take some heavy combinations to see the end of the round.

Wain had a go back at the start of the forth but Thompson soon had him backing up to the ropes with some heavy combinations and great body shots. The fifth was another tough round for Wain as Thompson banged in combination after combinations, how Wain managed to see the end of the round is a credit to his training. In the final round Thompson continued to pick his shots well and put great combinations together, Wain just looking happy to hear the final bell.

Result Dexter - 60-53 Ref - 60-53 Thompson wins on points.

Fight 5 Antony Woolery v Elvis Dube 14.9 4x3 14.10