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Rise of a Champion

Pictures by Danny Spence

Tommy Owens Promotions held there October Show “Rise of a Champion" at the Holte Suite Villa park (26.10.19). The show consisted of 6 fights with 5 of them being over four, three minute rounds with the main event being for the Midlands area title over ten, three minute rounds. There were two debutants on the show with Lewis Conley and Tommy Collins both having there first pro fights. Also there was Idris Virgo, Alex Jones and the “0 Taker" Ben Fields all in the home corner. Contesting for the Midlands area title was Champion Kasiee Benjamin taking on BcB's Levi Ferguson. Comparing on the night was David Nikolich and refereeing was Shaun Messer, with the ring girls from CP agency doing the card the stage was set for a great night of boxing. Unfortunately I could not make it as I was reffeeing at a white collar show but boxing Manager, trainer and Guru has got the low down on what happened.

Results Fight 1 - Alex Jones v Ibrar Riyaz 4x3 Welterweight Jones wins on points 40-36 Fight 2 – Ben Fields v Chris Adaway 4X3 Super Lightweight Fields win on points 39-38 Fight 3 – Lewis Coley v Joe Beeden Lightweight 4x3 pro debut Coley wins on points 40-35 Fight 4 – Tommy Collins v Paul Ducie Welterweight 4x3 pro debut Collins wins on points 40-36 Fight 5 - Idris Virgo v Nathan Junor Light Heavyweight Virgo wins on points 39-37 Fight 6 Main Event – Midlands area Welterweight Title Kaisee Benjamin v Levi Ferguson 10x3 Welterweight Benjamin Wins on points 98-94

Peggy’s Thoughts

Great night at villa park last night with hundreds of fans going home very happy after watching there favourites fight last night in a another great show put on by Tommy Owens and the Top of the bill didn’t disappoint.

Champion Kaisee Benjamin faced off against unbeaten challenger Levi Ferguson from the thriving BCB camp in Wednesbury trained by Errol Johnson who was assisted on the night by Paul Mann and Ben Wilkes. Starting off at an electric pace there was nothing to split the two warriors over the first 5 rounds as both were bull strong and didn’t give an inch as they exchanged very strong blows from the get go. Round six saw Kaisee get on his toes and change tactics to edge into a lead. Rounds seven and eight went back into being an up close battle of attrition with Kaisee's corner of Paul Soggy Counihan and Louie Counihan imploring him to use his better boxing skills to create distance. Levi was throwing more but Kaisee’s shots had that extra venom but it really a great fight. Rounds 9 and 10 saw Kaisee really start to let his hands go as he and Levi relished the war this bout had become. A strong last round got Kaisee over the line in my view Ref Sean Shaun E Messer gave the verdict 98 94 which gave the home crowd a happy end to the evening but what a fight and even though he was beaten I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Ferguson. For KC its onto bigger and better as he sets his sights on more belts. Gary Newbon who was ringside kept a scorecard and he had Benjamin 2 up at the finish thinking his harder shots gave him a clear edge.

Two debuts on the bill brought massive crowds with them and neither disappointed.

Tommy Gun Collins Trained by esteemed Hall green coach Tommy Chaney and his father Dean Collins went in with the teak tough Paul Ducie Tommy showed his full set of skills turning southpaw, boxing long, boxing tall and really thrilling his fans with lots of busy combinations. Ducie to his credit played his part winding up the crowd with a bit of show boating and landing a few hooks and swings to keep in interesting. Tommy however was the man in the driving seat and did more than enough to win every round and get the win on points for a great debut.

Next up Lewis Coley tipped by many as a future champion really impressed ringsiders with a calm dominant display against clever journeyman Joe Beedon. Coley trained as an amateur by Paddy Farrell at second city gym before going pro at Eastside gym has all the tools and is one to watch. Rarely will you see a debutant go about his work in such a calm collected manner and you can see where his Ice Cold nickname comes from. After dropping Beedon with a perfectly timed right hand in the first Coley settled into working his jab and body punches on an opponent who was under more pressure every round. Coleys fans went home happy when he got he verdict 40-35 on the refs card and it was a credit to Beedon that he managed to survive this bout.

Gary Newbon at ringside Said Coley is one of the better prospects he has seen for a long time.

Lewis will be on the November 30th show again at villa park.

Ben Fields The “O–Taker” got a rare home job before his English eliminator in November and took a routine points win over clever road warrior Chris Adaway . Ben super strong and fit bashed away for four rounds but Chris ring smarts always made it a close hard fight. Ben realised afterwards that his jab was missing as he went for the ko to please his home fans but was happy to get the win and keep his unbeaten streak going before his big fight at the end of November. Trained by Shaun Cogan Ben is one of the more heart warming success stories of recent years and we are all rooting for him in his next fight.

Love Islands Idris Virgo went unbeaten in his 6th fight against a much bigger man in Derbys Nathan Junior. Losing the first round Virgo upped his game and sunk in some really hurtful body shots over the next two to take a lead into the last. In his groove now Virgo trained at the Thriving DNA gym in Stirchly by Anton Hill won the last round well to clinch the points win. Six rounds is Virgos next step on his promising pro career. Starting the show was Plymouths Alex Jones who is trained by our good friend Carl Robson.

Alex boxed Ibra Riaz and really dazzled with great hand and foot speed to wow his loud fans. Winning every round Alex definitely looks one to watch for the future and is welcome back on TOP shows anytime.

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