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  • Dexter Hastings

Rebel Without a Cause - TOP Boxing

The Birmingham Boxing Column attended Tommy Owens Promotions latest show ‘Rebel Without a Cause' at the Holte Suite Villa park (9,11,19). The show consisted of 5 bouts of boxing with two 4 rounder’s, two 6 rounder’s and a main event contested over 10 rounds for the English Lightweight title. In the home corner you had the unbeaten George Farrell from Derby and debutant Mathew ‘Swiggy' Craddock both doing 4 rounder’s. You also had two unbeaten fighters Tom Silcox and Ryan Hatton both fighting over six rounds. In the main event you had in the home corner Kane Baker taking on the very talented champion Myron Mills. Comparing on the night you had David Nikolich with Shaun Meeser reffing and A-star ref John Latham refing the main event. The ring girls on the night where the stunning Taya and Louise from C.P. Agency.

Fight 1 Ryan Hatton v Elvis Dube 13.2 6x3 13.7 Cruiserweight  

Steady start by Hatton as he dominated the first round with nice combinations and great shot picking. The second round was again controlled by Hatton with some cracking uppercuts and combinations. The third was another round dominated by Hatton, he picked his shots well with some heavy combinations. 

Great shot picking in the forth by Hatton who was just doing what he liked banging in some nice combinations. In the fifth Hatton continued to bang in good combinations as Dube just looked like he wanted to see the final bell. Hatton finished the final round in dominate style smashing in shots and combinations at will. Dubes was just happy to see the final bell. 

Result Dexter - 60-54 Ref - 60-54 Hatton wins on points  

Fight 2 George Farrell v Darryl Sharp 12.1      4x3     12.1 Light Heavyweight  

Scrappy first round with lots of holding, ref Shaun Messer warned Sharp about using his head, Farrell edged it with the better boxing. Fast start to the second as Sharp and Farrell let there hands go, as it settled down Farrell started to take over winning the round. The third was another scrappy round with Sharp getting some good shots off but Farrell had the best of it with some good combinations. The final round saw both fighters have there moments, but you had to say Farrell controlled the round with the better shots to win the round and the fight. 

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Farrell wins on points 

Fight 3 Matt ‘Swiggy' Craddock v Jake Pollard 8,10          4x3           9 Super Featherweight  

Cracking start to the first round with both fighters firing out shots, Pollard could not miss with the right hand catching Craddock with some big shots. Craddock known as Swiggy took them well and got some nice combinations off of his own, close round Pollard nicked it. The fight settled down in the second and Craddock got off some nice shots off, he was still getting caught with some big right hands but did enough to win the round. Craddock took control in the third and got so nice combinations off, Pollard was still game and making a fight of it catching Craddock with right hands but it was Swiggy’s round. Pollard came out swinging looking for a big shot, Craddock stayed composed slipping shots and got some nice combinations off to win the round and his debut. 

Result Dexter - 39-37 Ref - 39-37 Craddock wins on points 

Fight 4 Tom Silcox v Qasim Hussain 10.7         6x3         10.9 Super Welterweight  

Silcox controlled the first round from start to finish banging in good shots with some nice combinations. In the second everything came off Silcox's jabs he worked Hussain's head and body with great combinations. Hussain had no answer to Silcox's combinations in the third, ‘The Silk' used him as a punch bag for the whole round.