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Brave attempt by Fields in English title Challenge

The inspirational ’0-Taker’ Ben Fields suffered his first defeat in six fights in his English eliminator against Lee Appleyard in Barnsley Metrodome (23,11,19). Fields was going into the fight with 4 straight wins under his belt and was unbeaten in his last six fights. This was Fields first 10 rounder and the biggest fight of his short career so far, this is how I saw the fight.

Both fighters started cagey and were just feeling each other out, Appleyard got some nice shots off but Fields caught him with some nice hooks, Appleyard’s round. In the second Fields started to Bob and weave well and use his jab, Appleyard boxed well on the back foot but Fields won the round with the better shots. At the start of the third Appleyard got his jab going but Fields continued to press and pressure and bang in good shots, close round, even.

Great forth round for Fields, he banged in some cracking shots rocking Appleyard, Appleyard came back strong but Fields continued to dominate the round. The fifth was another great round with Appleyard boxing well on the back foot, great shot selection by Appleyard but Fields continued to press and pressure making it a even round. Round six saw Appleyard used the ring well getting some eye catching shots off, Fields continued to press but seemed to fade in this round. Round seven was a hard round for Fields as Appleyard put some good combinations together, Fields fought back like the true warrior he is but Appleyard won the round.

Fields continued to press and work Hard in the eighth round, Appleyard movement and shot selection won him the round, Fields was also warned for using his shoulder. Fields started the ninth round strong and kept up the pressure, Appleyard boxed really well on the back foot and picked his shots well. In the final round Fields did not stop coming forward as he seemed to know he was behind, Appleyard continued to fight on the back foot and caught Fields with some heavy shots, Fields stood strong and fought back to see the final bell.

The ref scored the fight 98 to 92 in favour of Appleyard myself I had it a bit closer 98 to 94 to Appleyard. Fields took to social media after putting up this status, he wrote ‘Its Black and White, quite simple, you never lose in Boxing, you learn. Cracking fight last night, and hats off to Lee Appleyard and his team, fought a great fight and deserved the win. 1st English level championship fight over 10 rounds and I truly believe I didn't discredit myself at that level by any means. Not been pro for 18 months yet, we are learning on the job, this is just the beginning of what’s to come a lot more to be seen from me I can assure you. Want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported me online and messages etc, truly grateful, means a lot. Many Thanks to Shaun Cogan and Jon Pegg for all the training and tutorage I’ll have a few days off then back in the gym and on to the next one. ‘ #TeamFields #TheJourneyContinues

Dexter’s Thoughts  

What a great performance by the inspirational Ben Fields in his first 10 rounder, he proved in this fight that he deserves to be fighting at this level. He has only been a professional boxer for less than 18 months and has claimed some great wins over hot unbeaten prospects with the Column giving him the name ‘The O-Taker’. Appleyard had the perfect plan to fight against Fields and over 10 rounds it worked, not that Fields didn’t have a lot of positive moments in the fight and at one point seemed to really hurt Appleyard. Ben has came a long, long way from when he started his boxing journey in the unlicensed game at Fightden moving on to the pro sister gym Smoking Joe’s when he turned over. Fields has got a inspirational story and this minor blip in his journey will only make him a stronger and better fighter. I have no doubt that the ‘O-Taker’ will be back soon taking hot prospects unbeaten records. The Column will be following Ben Fields journey and look forward to seeing him back in the squared circle soon.

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