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Double Trouble TOP Boxing

Tommy Owens Promotions held there final show of the year at the Holte Suite Villa park (30,11,19), the show was dcalled ‘Double Trouble’. The show consisted of 7 fights with 5 of the bouts to be fought over 4 three minute rounds. In the home corner for the 4 rounder’s you had Alex Fearon, Jordan Cooke, Louis Fielding and ‘The Savage Sam Eggington. The show had two main events with two Midlands area titles on the line, champion Jack O’Keeffe was defending his Lightweight title against Ishmael Ellis who was having his second crack at the title. You also had the vacant Midlands area Flyweight title being contested by Matt Windle and David Seymour. With David Nikolich comparing reffing was Shaun Messer and Kevin Parker and with the stunning ring girls Cassie and Daytona from CP Agency the stage was set for a championship nice of boxing.

Fight 1 Alex Fearon v Lee Hallett Welterweight 4x3

Fearon controlled the first round from start to finish picking his shots well. The second was another good round for Fearon who again controlled the ring well and picking his shots. Hallett got some good shots off of his own but this was Fearon's round. Fearon controlled the third again showing great shot picking and movement, Hallett battled hard but Fearon won the round. In the final round Fearon continued to pick his shots well and moving well, Hallett was warned by the ref for a low blow in this round.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Fearon wins on points

Fight 2 Louis Fielding v Joe Beeden Super Lightweight 4x3

Steady start by both fighters with Fielding taking the first round with the cleaner shots and better work rate. In the second Fielding controlled the centre of the ring and worked well behind his jab. Nice sharp combinations in the third by Fielding, Beeden came back with shots of his own but Fielding edged the round. In the final round Fielding smashed in some heavy shots to Beeden’s head and body, Beeden fought back hard but it was Fielding round.

Result Dexter 40-36 Ref - 40-37 Fielding wins on points

Fight 3 Jordan Cooke v Danny Little Super Welterweight 4x3

Cooke controlled the first round with good combinations and some nice movement. Cooke banged in some heavy combinations at the start of the second, Little just covered up for the rest of the rounds Cooke picked his shots well. Cracking third round for Cooke who had Liitle down with some heavy shots, Little took a count and got up on the count of 8 an managed to see the round out. In the final round Cooke controlled the who round with some heavy combinations with Little just looking to see the round out.

Result Dexter - 40-35 Ref - 40-35 Cooke wins on points

Fight 4 Sam Eggington v Daniel Urbanski Light Heavyweight 4x3

Eggington ‘Savaged' his opponent from the first bell banging in cracking combinations to his head and body, Urbankski covered up and was look to see the round out. In the second Eggington poured on the pressure with heavy combinations to the head and body of Urbankski who was taking some serious punishment in the round took a knee just before the bell. Urbankski managed to get to his feet but his corner retired his in his corner.

Result Eggington wins opponent retired at end of second round.

Fight 5 Joint Main Event Jack O’Keeffe v Ishmael Ellis Midlands area Lightweight title 10x3

Very scrappy first round with both fighters trying to be the dominant one, Ellis was warned for hitting on the back of the head. In the second both fighters got back to there boxing, Ellis just edged the round with the better work rate. The third was another close round with both fighters getting good combinations off, O’Keeffe won the round with his pressure and work-rate.

Ellis moved well in the forth but O’Keeffe kept up the high pressure and got some good shots off to win the round. Ellis had a good go in the fifth round, but O’Keeffe kept up the high pace, both fighters got good shots off, even round. Ellis boxed well in the sixth on the back foot and moved well picking some good shots off, O’Keeffe worked hard but Ellis had this round.

Scrappy, scrappy seventh round with Ellis looking to hold, O’Keeffe continued to pour on the pressure and got some crack shots off to win the round. Round eight was another scrappy round with a lot of hitting and holding, Ellis was looking tired but had got some good shots off but have to give this round to O’Keeffe. Ellis started round nine well getting some good shots off, O’Keeffe continued to press and pressure as Ellis tired, Ellis nicked the round. In the final round blood poured from Ellis's nose as both fighters left it all in the ring, O’Keeffe won the round with the better shots.

Result Dexter - 98-96 Ref - 97-95 O’Keeffe retained his title.

Fight 6 Lewis Coley v Bret Fidoe Super Featherweight 4x3

Nice and controlled first round by Coley as he backed Fidoe up for the whole round, great hand speed, shot picking and movement by Coley. The second was another nice and steady round by Coley, he picked some great shots and looked in control against a very good fighter in Fidoe. Coley continued to control the third round as he banged in combinations after combinations, Fidoe stood strong and fought back but Coley won the round. Coley started the final round with intent banging in some heavy combinations, Fidoe had no choice but to return fire and managed to see out the round.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Coley wins on points

Fight7 Joint main Event Matt Windle v David Seymour Midlands area Flyweight title 10x3

Good fast start to the first by both fighters with the action going back and forth, both fighters got good shots off but Windle edged it for me. Windle started the second round well and got some good shots off, Seymour took the centre of the ring and used his jab to win the round, Windle had started to mark up under his right eye. Good third round by both fighters with both of them getting there shots off, Seymour just edged it for me.

The forth was another close round with Seymour moving and boxing well as Windle pressured and pressed to get a share of the round. In the fifth Seymour moved well and used his jab to keep Windle away, Windle continued to press but Seymour won this round with the better boxing. Round six was a hard round to call as both fighters worked hard, I had Windle just edging this round.

The seventh was another close round with both fighters getting good shots off, had to call this one even. Seymour moved well in the eighth in another close round but Windle’s pressure and work rate with some great combinations won him the round. Hard ninth round to score as both fighters worked hard, the round went back and forth, again I could not split them. The final round was a cracker as both fighters went toe too toe both showed so much heart and a will to win again could not split them.

Dexter - 97 – 97 Ref – 94 – 96 Seymour wins title on points

Dexter’s Thoughts Another great show from Tommy Owens Promotions to end there year on a high with a double main event. We will start with the O’Keeffe v Ellis fight for the Midlands area Lightweight title. A very Scrappy affair where I think there styles clashed, Ellis was having his second crack at the Midlands area and put all he had into this fight. O’Keeffe battled like a true champion and was a worthy winner. Ellis's team looked disappointed at the result but I had it by 2 rounds the same as the ref. I’m sure Ellis will get another crack at this title or a bigger one next year, I asked the champ Jack O’Keeffe after the fight if he would be moving on, he informed me he would be if the offer came in. The second main event between Matt Windle and David Seymour for the Midlands area Flyweight title was a cracker and could well be up for fight of the year. It was a back and forth battle with both fighters leaving it all in the ring, there were a awful lot of close rounds which could have gone either way. I didn’t check my score card till I got home and when Seymour was crowned the champ it didn’t seem a bad decision but if Windle had of been given the nod I would not have been surprised, the fight was that close. Myself when I did add up my card had it even and really think these two fighters should do it again. On the under card you had the new boy to the pro ranks Lewis Coley, Coley dominated his second pro contest against a very tough and well established fighter in Bret Fidoe. Fidoe had claimed victory’s over the two contenders for the Flyweight title beating both Seymour and Windle on his journeys and has also claimed a draw against British and Commonwealth super Bantamweight champ Brad Foster which make Coleys victory even better. Coley is only 20 years old and has a big following and I am predicting a big boxing future for the young boxer. ‘The Savage’ Sam Eggington was not getting paid over time tonight as he destroyed his opponent dropping him at the end of the second and making him retie in his corner. Eggington was just having a tick over fight and is just waiting for the call as he is now ranked 6th in the IBF world rankings. Jordan Cooke looked very sharp and strong in his fight tonight, not many people put Danny Little down but Cooke did. Little who is a skilled journeyman managed to see out the fight but Cooke showed great movement and shot selection to make Little earn his money tonight. It was great to see Lewis Fielding back in the ring a year after he lost to James Beech jr in a Midlands area title class. Fielding looked very disciplined and showed fast hand speed and shot picking very good win for him tonight. We also had a fighter from Derby on the card called Alex Fearon, he look very shape and had great shot selection, very impress performance. The Birmingham boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having me there.

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