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  • Dexcter Hastings

Stowe Wins Final Encounter

Malcolm ‘The Show' Stowe (40) has claimed the SPBF Irish Heavyweight and the Birmingham Boxing Column Heavyweight title in a cracking 5 round wars on the Ring Wars 9 show at the H-Suite Edgbaston (29/11/19). Stowe was taking on Dexter 'The Sting' Hastings (49) for the fifth and final time in a fight that had been named ‘Close Encounters for the 5th time'. The fight it’s self lived up to the hype as the two fighters went for it from the first bell, it was a great mix of styles, the boxer against the brawler with Stowe pressing with big over hand rights and lefts, Dexter boxed well on the back foot with the first two rounds so close they could have gone either way. In the third round Stowe got his timing right and caught Dexter with some heavy shots, Dexter took them well and stuck to his boxing but the third round went to Stowe.

Dexter came out in round four with a purpose and started to let both hands go, he continued to pop out the jab but got some nice one twos in and seem to be more relaxed. Stowe still continued to press and look for the big shot to end it, but Dexter was moving and slipping shots well and had raised his work-rate to win the forth. Dexter started quickly again in the final round but Stowe got off some of his big over hand rights which Dexter managed to evaded, Dexter was getting some nice jabs and one, twos off but the best shot of the night was yet to come. Dexter forced Stowe back to the ropes and a clinch incurred, the two fighters began to break themselves like they had done all of the fight. The ref then went to stepped in and Stowe had already rock out a big left hook which caught the ref on the jaw. It wobbled the him but he took it pretty well with Stowe apologising profusely. Stowe continued to look for the big knock out shot but Dexter was moving well now and letting his hands go getting some nice jabs and one twos off keeping it long. As the bell went to end the fight both fighters went toe to toe banging in shots to the delight of there cheering fans.

Result – Ref awards fight to Malcolm Stowe.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What can I say, what a fight, it lived up to all the hype and did not disappoint as we both brought our A games to the ring. I got to say Malcolm Stowe impressed me as he has not fought for two years but looked as sharp as ever. He had changed his style a bit as he was not letting me lead him around the ring, but the big over hand rights and left’s where still in effect. As for the fight it was the type of fight I have been looking for as my opponent did not look to hold and have a cuddle at anytime, when we did clinch we work our way out ourselves. As for the result at the time I thought I had got it 3 to 2 but the “ref” saw it differently, after watching it back I still had it the it the same way but it was a close one and could have gone either way. Malcolm messaged me a few days after the fight to say this, he wrote ‘No easy fight by any means, all my people said what a tough bloke you are. Wouldn’t have surprised me either way it went, but what a good friend I’ve made though it all. Nothing but respect for you mate’.

Now this is the thing, after our first fight which was both our debuts in the unlicensed game back in March of 2009 at the Copthorpe hotel in Merry hill myself and Malcolm became friends. I always remember he got the decision that night (another close one which I thought I won) and I’m at the bar getting a drink when he came up to me and said what a great fight it was. Before I could go on about I thought I had won it he said “I’d just like to say how sorry I am to hear about your mom passing away, she would be very proud of you" (my mom had passed away the month before). From there on myself and Malcolm had a connection, he is genuinely one of the nicest blokes I have had the privilege to meet, outside of the ring he is a true gent, but when he is in that squared circle he is one of the most dangerous and best at what he does and I am proud to have shared a ring with him five times. I was a bit down about losing the fight making the score 3 – 2 to Malcolm over all but if I was going to lose to anyone it is good to lose to an absolute legend. The fight will go down as one of the best of the 5 without a doubt and it was great to show this new lot of ‘white collar’ boxers how the old school do it.

But my journey is not over yet, oh no, the plan is to maybe have a few on the road this year so any promoters who want to give there Heavyweights a decent opponent and not someone who has just came to make up the numbers a fight get at me. Then have my final fight on Ring Wars 12 in November 2020 just before my 50th Birthday. I would just like to thank all the people who came to support me and Malcolm, it was a great atmosphere thanks to you, and added to a great fight.

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