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Ahmed Gutted in Split Draw

Birmingham’s Ijaz Ahmed said he was gutted with the split draw in his British and Commonwealth Flyweight title fight at Dudley Town Hall (17.03.23). Ahmed (29) told BcB's Dan Mole that he thought he had nicked the fight against the late replacement Marcel Braithwaite and thinks that he is curst with these split draws. This was Ahmed's third attempt for the British Flyweight title and the third time it has ended in a split draw. Ahmed's who had a record of 10 wins 2 draws and 2 defeats weighed in 8 stone 2 with Braithwaite who has a record of 14 wins and 3 defeats weighed in the same with John Latham reffing this 12-round contest.

Ahmed took the centre of the centre of the ring as Braithwaite moving well around the ring in the first, both fighters let there hands go but Braithwaite got this round on work-rate. Ahmed started the second round strong pushing Braithwaite back with some good shots, Braithwaite returned fire just nicking the round. The third round could have been fought in a phone box as both fighters went toe too toe, both fighters got great combinations off with Braithwaite nicked the round with the eye-catching shots. Ahmed picked up the pace in the fourth and pressed Braithwaite back working on the inside with some great combinations, Braithwaite came back strong near the end of the round but Ahmed just nicked it. Ahmed continued to work on Braithwaite getting on the inside in the fifth, Braithwaite seemed to be slowing but returned fire finishing the round strong, but Ahmed just nicked it. Braithwaite started the sixth round strong but Ahmed showed great fitness and banged in combinations after combinations to Braithwaite’s head an body to win the round.

Relentless combinations by both fighters in the seventh as they went toe to toe in this fight of the year contender, very hard round to call with Ahmed winning with the better work rate. Great combinations right at the start of the eighth ending in a big left hook from Braithwaite, as the pace dropped Ahmed came back into the round with Braithwaite seeming to be dropped by a left hook which was deemed as a slip by the ref. Braithwaite finished the round strong to win the round. Ahmed showed controlled pressure in the ninth landing some good combinations, Braithwaite again came back strong and landed a big eye-catching right to nick the round. Braithwaite got the cleaner eye-catching shots off but Ahmed had a high work-rate and continued to bang good combinations in to win the round. Ahmed started the eleventh strong but Braithwaite came back into the round but it was Ahmed’s work-rate that was winning him the round until Braithwaite landed a big left hook at the end to even the round. Scrappy final round as both fighters let there hands go, Braithwaite landed good shots at the end to win the round.

Judge Mark Lyson had it 115 to 114 Braithwaite, judge Terry O’Connor had it 117 to 111 Ahmed and judge Kevin Parker had it 114 to 114 split draw, I had it 115 to 114 Braithwaite

Dexter’s Thoughts

First thing I’d like to say is what a fight, I have to give BcB Promotions credit for bringing a British title to a small hall show in Dudley. The fight its self did not disappoint as both fighters left everything in the ring in a fight of the year contender. It was a toe to toe contest that went back and fourth and was a great advertisement for the Flyweight division. I really do feel for Ijaz as this is his third crack at the British title and his third split draw, myself I had him losing this contest by a round but every round was close so could have gone ether way. Ahmed said in an interview with Dan Mole after the fight that he thinks he is curst after three split draws, myself i think his fighting style will mean he is always in close hard fought entertaining fights that could go either way. Ahmed did looked genuinely upset with the result and stated he is going to have some time off boxing to concentrate on his family as his partner is expecting a baby. I hope he enjoys his time away and comes back refreshed and ready to contest for the British and Commonwealth again or even bigger titles as I think he has the talent and determination to do big things in boxing. I sure Ijaz Ahmed will come again and win big titles.


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