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An English Summers

‘The Digger’ Sandwell’s very own Ricky Summers claimed the English light Heavyweight title in a potential fight of the year contest at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton (10.3.23). Summers was coming off a win against Edgar’s Sniedze in July of last year after losing to Dan Azeez for thus English title on a spit decision in April 2021. Mcintyre lost his last contest in December of 2022 to Lyndon Arthur in a second-round stoppage but had beaten the much-fancied Chad Sugden in July of 22. Summers weighed in 12 stone 6 with Mcintyre coming in 12 stone 5 reffing this contest you had John Latham.

Cagey first round with both fighters getting good shots off, Summers won the round with his jab. Summers continued to fight at range and got some nice one, twos off in the second picking Mcintyre off with his jab. Great jabbing by Summers in the third with some lovely back hands with Summers dictating the fight. Mcintyre started the fourth well rocking Summers with a good right hand, Summers had some joy but it was Mcintyre round. Summers got back on his jab in the fifth with Mcintyre looking to get close, Summers won the round with his jab.

Mcintyre pressured Summers in the sixth who continued to use his jab well, both fighters got good back hands off with Summers just edging the round. Mcintyre got on the inside a lot in the seventh with content pressure and sone great combinations with his left hook landing by Mcintyre right on the bell. Mcintyre continued to walk down Summers in the eighth and landed some big shots, Summers dug deep and fought back hard having some success near the end just nicking the round. Tough battling ninth round with both fighters having joy could not split them. Summers moved well in the final round getting his jab going, Mcintyre got some good shots off but Summers nicked the round.

I scored it 98 to 94 Summers the three judges had it Phil Edward and Kevin Parker had it 98 to 93 and Mark Lyson had it 97 to 82 all in favour of Summers.

Dexter’s Thoughts

First thing I would like to say is a massive congratulations to Ricky Summers I have followed his career for the last 6 to 7 years and honestly can’t believe this is his first ever professional title. Ricky always seemed to good to go for a area title as his progression was swift and he seemed to surpass that level very quickly. He fought for the British title first in his 14th losing to Frank Buglioni on points back in 2017, he then lost in his first attempt at the English title in 2021 Losing to Dan Azeez on a split decision. I am chuffed to bits that he has claimed this title and really hope he gets the chance to fight for the British title very soon. The fight its self was a cracker with Summers starting well and the champ Mcintyre getting back into it in the middle rounds and Summers digging deep getting a great win in a hard-fought fight. I’ll end by saying congratulations to Ricky and I look forward to seeing him in the ring very soon.

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