• Dexter Hastings

Back With A Bang 2 Tommy Owens Promotions

Tommy Owens Promotions had their second show since the lockdowns at the H-Suite Edgbaston (9.10.21). The show consisted of 5 contests of boxing with 4 being over four three-minute rounds and the main event being over 6 rounds. All the home fighters came from the D&A boxing gym with 3 of them making their pro debuts. The main event was D&A's Ishmael Ellis looking to get back to winning ways taking on Cogan’s Corner's Sean Davis, Referee on the night was Shaun Messer.

Kicking off the show we had an exhibition contest over 4, three-minute rounds between debutant Elliott Sowe taking on Kieron Mcaffe.

Sowe came out from the first bell and at not one point did this look like an exhibition, Sowe let his hand go like he was fighting for a world title. Sowe continued to pile on the pressure in the second with some great combinations to the cheers of his fans. Some seemed to calm down a bit in the third and remembered that it was an exhibition and he boxed really well behind a nice jab. In the fourth Sowe looked nice and tidy and showed that he could work well on the inside as well as the outside, very good performance.

Next up was Umar Anjum who was having his second professional fight against Ryan Hibbert in a cruiserweight contest. Anjum weighed in 12 stone 12 with Hibbert coming 13 stone 2.

Anjum controlled the first round from the start to finish picking his shots well as Hibbert covered up. Anjum again put his punches together and picked out some nice combinations to win the second round. The third was another round where Anjum picked some great shots and worked Hibbert for the whole round to win it. Anjum again controlled the final round from start to finish with great combinations and shot picking for a clean sweep win.

Shaun Messer scored the fight 40 to 36 Anjum, I had it the same.

The third fight of the night was D&A debutant Tyler Christopher who was taking on Cogans Corners Road warrior Josh Hodgins in a 4-round contest.

Hodgins moved well in the first, around the ring but Christopher Controlled the round with nice jabs and great one, twos. Hodgins started to press in the second but Christopher moved well using his jab and some nice combinations to win the round. Christopher got some nice combinations in the third but Hodgins continued to press forward but was getting caught with shots and not throwing enough to get anything out of the round. In the final round Hodgins came out with loads of pressure but Christopher controlled the round with some great one, twos. Christopher then caught Hodgins with a nice right hand which knocked Hodgins who already seemed to be unbalanced onto the ropes and somehow slipped through them and out of the ring onto the floor. Hodgins got to his feet got back into the ring and carried on as nothing had happened, he then continued to press and wobbled Christopher with a nice left hook but Christopher took control of the round again to win it.

Shaun Messer Scored it 40 to 36 to Christopher, I had it the same.

The final four rounder was another debutant Josh Anderson took on Michael Young in the super Bantamweight division.

Anderson started fast in the first and got some good shots off, Young came back with shots of his own but Anderson won the round. In the second Young made Anderson work for the whole of the round as he banged in good shots, but Anderson rose to the challenge and won the road. Young continued to press in the third and ask questions of Anderson who had to battle hard to get a share of this rounds. The final round was a battling one with both fighters digging deep with Anderson looking drained at the end but battle hard to see the final bell.

Shaun Messer scored it 39 to 38 to Young myself 39 to 38 Anderson.

The main event was against Ishmael Ellis against Sean Davis in the welterweight division.

Davis moved well in the first and got some good shots off but it was Ellis who nicked the round with the better shots. Davis had joy in bits of the round but Ellis with his work rate and jab won him the round. Ellis controlled the round with his jab but Davis continued to press and make it a entertaining contest.

Ellis danced around the ring in the fourth as Davis pressed with Ellis picking his shots well winning the round. Ellis continued to pick his shots in the fifth well as he moved around the ring with Davis pressed him. Davis had a real go in the final round and let his hands go to work Ellis to the final bell.

Shaun Messer had it 59 to 56 Ellis I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Well D&A school of boxing was well represented at this Tommy Owens Promotions show and I got to say it was highly entertaining.

We start with the ’exhibition’ fight, Sowe had a lot of support at the H-Suite and this exhibition was more like a debut which wasn’t a bad thing as it was highly entertaining. Sowe looked like a very skillful boxer who just seemed eager to show his followers a great fight, I look forward to seeing his proper debut.

Umar Anjum put on a very measured and skillful display as he added to his first win with another one, this was a very impressive victory.

Tyler Christopher was very impressive against the tough journeyman Josh Hodgins, he moved well and picked great shots to keep Hodgins at bay. Hodgins showed how tough he was in the final round where he lost his balance a fell through the robe ending up out of the ring getting up and carrying on. Christopher was very impressive and I look forward to his next fight.

I felt sorry for Josh Anderson and getting beat in his first fight especially because I had him just nicking it by a point. His opponent Young definitely didn’t come to make up the numbers and I can see why Shaun Messer gave it him, it was that close. Anderson hopefully will learn from this defeat and with come back a better fighter and win his next fight.

It was great to see Sean Davis back in the ring after nearly 2 years even if he was fighting 2 weights above him normal division. He gave Ellis a good and very entertaining fight over 6 rounds and brought the best out of Ellis who looked good winning this fight. Ellis needed this win after a couple of defeats and I’m sure will be looking to get on the title trail again real soon.

I look forward to the next Tommy Owens Promotions show at the end of the month.