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Back With A Bang Tommy Owens Promotions Undercard

Tommy Owens Promotions held there first show of 2021 at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham (4,9,21). The main event was a Midlands area Lightweight title fight between two unbeaten fighters in Jack O’Keeffe and Tion Gibbs. The main event ended in a close decision with Tion just edging it 96 o 95 on Ref Shaun Messers card.

The undercard had 5 fights on it with four fights over four three minute rounds and one over six three minute rounds. Doing the four rounder’s in the home corner you had Danny Quartermaine, Olly Cassidy and making there debuts you had Scott Melvin and Musa Moyo. The six round contest was being fought by Matt Cradock who turned the Holte Suite into St Andrews with his massive support.

Kicking off the show you had debutant Musa Moyo who was taking on veteran Lewis Van Poetsch in the light Heavyweight division. Moyo came in 12 stone 12 and Van Poetsch can in 12 stone 10, reffing Chris Dean.

Good start by Moyo who worked behind his jab well and got some nice combos off switch hitting on the way. Moyo continued to switch hit in the second and banged in some very impressive combinations with some nice uppercuts. Moyo continued to control the fight in the third round from start to finish as Van Poetsch did what he could to stop the relentless onslaught of Moyo. Moyo continued to bang in big combinations in the final round, he was warned for a low blow but won the round and the fight with ease.

Ref Chris Dean had it 40 – 36 I myself had it the same.

Next up you have Danny Quartermaine (24) who was taking on Matar Sambou (37) with Quartermaine weighing in 9 stone 9 and with Sambou coming in 10 stone in the welterweight division.

Sambou moved well around the ring as Quartermaine hunted him down with great combinations going to the head and body. Quartermaine was patient in the second and picked his shots well against a very tricky southpaw with some great combinations and cracking right hands that won him the round. Sambou had a go in the third but Quartermaine continued to box well and got some great combinations off winning the round. Quartermaine finished strong picking his shots well with some nice fast combinations with some cracking body shots.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 to Quartermaine I had it myself.

Next up was another debutant Scott Melvin (21) who was taking on Dylan Deaper (39) with Melvin weighing in 10 stone 1 and Draper coming in 10 stone 7 in the super welterweight division.

Steady start by Melvin as he picked his shots well catching Draper with a cracking right hand that put him down. Some how he managed to get to his feet and continue, Melvin then jumped on him and let him have everything he had eventually dropping him with a evil body shot which put him down and this time he was not getting up.

Melvin won by KO 2 minutes 27 seconds of the first round.

Oli Cassidy (24) was up next and was taking on Seamus Devlin (33) with Cassidy weighed in 11 stone 1 and Draper came in 11 stone 4 in the Middleweight division referee Chris Dean.

Steady start by Cassidy, great jabs and movement controlling the round with nice combinations and body shots. Great jabbing by Cassidy in the second as he controlled the round picking his shots well. The third was another controlled round by Cassidy with great combinations all coming off a great jab. Dealing got on his toes in the final round as Cassidy picked his shots well to win the round and the fight.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 I had it the same.

Last on the undercard you had Matt Craddock AKA ‘Swiggy’ he was contesting a six rounder against Ricky Starkey from Liverpool. Swiggy weighed in 8 stone 11 with Starkey coming in 8 stone 12 in the Featherweight division, referee Chris Dean.

Swiggy took the centre of the ring and took control from the start with some good shots, Starkey came back near the end of the round but Swiggy got this one. In the second Swiggy and Starkey met in the centre of the ring and Starkey sustained a bloody nose from an accidental clash of heads. As blood poured from Starkey’s nose Swiggy didn’t really jump on this and continued to box well behind his jab to win the round. Swiggy continued to work well behind his jab in the third as Starkey got on his toes as his nose continued to bleed, great pressure by Swiggy to win the round.

Swiggy continued to control the fight in the fourth as Starkey moved away and was in survival mode, Swiggy kept his composure as his massive fan base cheered him on to win the round. Swiggy poured on the pressure in the fifth as Starkey who you could see was in a lot of pain due to his nose was already looking for a way out. Swiggy was banging in big shots before Starkey’s corner did him a favour and threw the towel in with the ref stopped the fight.

Swiggy Wins TKO 2 minute 44 seconds into the 5th round.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a fantastic show for Tommy Owens Promotions first one back after the lockdown. The undercard was fantastic with all the home team winning there fights convincingly. Danny Quartermaine had his second fight and showed how skillful he was but used patients and great shot picking to win this fight against a tricky opponent. Oli Cassidy looked impressive in his first fight at the Holte suite, everything came off a great jab and he looks like he could make waves in the Middleweight division.

Swiggy put on a great performance in front of a massive support that had came out to cheer him on, and cheer him on they did! Swiggy boxed well and was patient, not rushing in and working behind a tidy jab. The clash of heads was a big factor in how the fight went but Swiggy was impressive and I look forward to seeing him box again soon.

There where two great debutants on the show with Musa Moyo really impressing with 4 dominant rounds against the veteran Journeyman Lewis Van Poetsch. He showed great shot picking and relentless pressure to win his first fight I look forward to seeing him again.

Scot Melvin stole the show with a fantastic first round stoppage in his first fight, I have raved on about this young amateur fir a while now and am glad he has now turned over and he is in the professional ranks. This was a great stoppage and a great way to start your pro career, I look forward to seeing him again.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having the Column at there show.


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