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Ball on Top of the World

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

'The Ginger Boxer’ Rachel Ball has claimed her first title which just happens to be the WBC Super Bantamweight interim World title. Ball was meant to be fighting Australian Ebanie Bridges for the vacant WBA World Bantamweight title but after Bridges had to pull out with an injury her opponent was changed. Her new opponent was the IBF super Flyweight champ Jorgelina Guanini who failed to make the Bantamweight weight which caused the change of titles on the line. Rachel Ball weighed in 8 stone 9 with Guanini coming in 8 stone 13.

Not much happened in the first two rounds with Ball edging both of them with her jab and the better work rate. In the third Ball looked good when she kept it at range as she let her hands go, Guanini got some good left hands in getting a share of the round.

Good fourth round by both fighters as both Boxers got good shots off, close round with Guanini edging it. At the start of the fifth Guanini got some good shots off but Ball was in control shooting out good shots to win the round. Round six saw Ball step up the pace getting some cracking combinations off to win the round with ease.

Ball bossed the seventh but Guanini fired back with good shots of her own but it was Ball's round. In the eighth Ball again controlled the round and picked her shots well with some great combinations. Ball let her hands go in the ninth and got some great combinations off to win the round. In the final round Ball staked Guanini as she banged in some great combinations to win the round and the fight.

The fight went to the judges where John Latham and Victor Loughlin scored it 99 to 91 to Ball and Mark Lyson had it 99 to 92 to Ball. I had it 99 to 92 Ball.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Was there ever any doubt? Rachel Ball ‘The Ginger Boxer' nickname named ‘The Ginger Matador’ by the Birmingham Boxing Column has claimed the WBC interim Super Bantamweight World title. I thought I was watching a different fight with the commentators saying it was close when myself and the judges had Ball winning by 8 or nine rounds. It is a shame Ball didn’t get to fight for the WBA World title but I have to say I do like the Green WBC belts. I would still like to see Ball fight for the WBA World title but after her performance tonight I can see her winning World titles at both weights.

I have followed Ball's boxing career from her first fight at Walsall football ground where from then it was obvious she was goingvto be something speical. Hopefully the Column gets to interview the new World champ soon but look forward to seeing what her and her team do next.

Rachel Ball has also made history as being the first female to be entered into the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame'.

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