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Battling Fields Loses close fight to Farrell

The ‘0-Taker’ Ben Fields put on a battling performance in the ultimate Boxxer tournament in Liverpool against the experience Tom Farrell (6.11.21). Fields was drew against Farrell from Liverpool in the quarter finals of the tournament which was being aired live on Sky sports with a £40000 prize money for in eventually winner.

Fields weighed in 10 stone 1 with Farrell coming in 10 stone 2 with Mark Lyson reffing the 3-round fight.

Fields came out fast and strong and backed up Farrell for the whole of the round with his Ragga Mufffin style. Fields worked hard and out worked Farrell who had a bit of joy bear the end but this was Fields round. Fields continued to press Farrell in the second with Farrell boxing well on the back foot behind a nice jab. Fields banged in some sneaky shots to the side of Farrell’s head on the inside which ref Mark Lyson from Liverpool pulled him up about saying they were to the back of the head, Farrel won the round. Not one step back was taken by Fields who sometimes seemed to smothered his work as he pressed forward in the final round, the ref continued to moan about Fields Ragga Mufffin style with Farrell boxing well on the back foot just edging a very close round.

The judges verdict was split with Ron Kearney scoring it 30 to 27 Farrell, John Latham had it 29 to 28 Farrell and Darren Sarginson scoring it 29 to 28 Fields, I had it 29 to 28 Farrell in a very close contest.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Gutted for Ben, the Cogan’s Corner warrior left it all in the ring in a very close defeat against the very experienced Farrell. Ben started well and I honestly thought he would overwhelm Farrell and win this fight with ease, but with the ref on his back from the start and Fields sometime smothering his own work Farrell managed to box well on the back foot to win the final two rounds. Fields looked very hyped up as he walked to the ring and as he pressed forward in the fight it just seemed that he was forcing it to much which wasn’t helped by the ref (who just happened to be from Liverpool) not liking Ben’s style of boxing. I got to say I thought Farrell boxed well in the second and third round and continued that momentum by reaching the final of the tournament. This was a very close contest and I think it came down to what you liked and maybe the ref influenced the judges after giving Fields several warnings. Fields can walk away from this fight with pride and I’m sure him and his trainer Shaun Cogan will regroup and come again as I don’t think the ‘0-Taker’s’ story is far from over.

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