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Battling Victory For Quartermaine as he is Crowned Two Time European Champion

Leamington spas Danny Quartermaine had to battle hard to be crowned a two-time European Champ at the Skydome Coventry (29.6.24). The unbeaten Twenty-seven-year-old was taking on Romania James Cherji (30) for his IBF and the vacant WBO European Super Featherweight titles. The contest over ten rounds was the main event of the GBM promotions show ‘Into the Fire’ which was being streamed live on DAZN. Quartermaine who celebrated his birthday the day before weighed in nine stone three with Cherji coming in over weight at nine stone five so could not win the titles. Referee on the night was Marcus McDonnell with Michael Alexander, Zoltan Enyedi and Giulio Piras judging.

Quartermaine started fast in the first round charging in to Cherji with some good shots, Quartermaine was then caught by a short-left hand which him off his feet in a flash knock down. Quartermaine was straight back up and looked fine and then continued to charge in which seemed to suit Cherji. Quartermaine continued to charge in the second which seemed a bit reckless and was getting caught with nice left hooks marking up his right eye, Quartermaine continued to press and landed shots on the inside but Cherji won the round. Quartermaine continued to steam in to Cherji in the third and was getting countered a lot with nice shots, Quartermaine landed a lot of shots winning the round on work-rate.

Quartermaine continued to press in the forth but had now started to use his jab, when he gave himself space Quartermaine boxed well winning the round but sustained a cut above his right eye but Quartermaine won the round. As the blood flowed from Quartermaine’s right eye in the fifth he seemed to become reckless again and started charging back in, a messy scrappy round with Cherji just edging it. The sixth was a better round for Quartermaine who had joy on the inside working hard landing nice shots grinding out the round to win it. A hard fought seventh round as Cherji sustained a cut over his right eye from a head clash, both fighters had joy but Quartermaine won the round.

Quartermaine got on his toes in the eighth and started using his boxing picking nice jabs with great movement winning the round. Quartermaine continued to box well on the outside with flash sharp jabs and back hands with some excellent boxing winning the round with ease. Quartermaine continued to box well on the outside shooting out nice jabs and worked the body well, Cherji did have some joy but Quartermaine won the round finishing strong.

Judge Michael Alexander, Zoltan Enyedi and Giulio Piras all scored it 97 to 92 Quartermaine, I had it 96 to 93 Quartermaine.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Congratulations and belated happy birthday to the new IBF and WBO European Super Featherweight Champion Danny Quartermaine. I have to say that Quartermaine seemed to make this hard for himself as he charged in in the first few rounds being quite reckless which caused him to be dropped in the first round with a flash knock down. When Quartermaine kept it long and at distance he was in full control and showed his excellent boxing skills off. At twenty-seven he has time on his hands and you can definitely see him contesting for world titles in the next few years but I think he does need to remember to used his excellent boxing skills instead of some of the reckless boxing at the start of the contest. Now he has established himself with GBM promotions and they have struck a deal with DAZN the future looks bright for the super featherweight.


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