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Bav Defeated at the Hangar

EBU European Welterweight champ Kirstie Bavington lost her WBA intercontinental title challenge on a split decision to two time world title challenger Kandi Wyatt at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton (10.3.23). Bavington (7-2-2) was coming off a title defence of her EBU belt in November of 2022 beating Naomi Mannes on points, Wyatt (10-4) was going I to this vacant title challenge after losing her last three fights against World Class opponents. The fight was scheduled for 10 two minute rounds and was for the WBA intercontinental welterweight title with both fighter coming in 10 stone 6 with Mark Lyson reffing.

Both fighters came out firing in the first round as it settled down in a toe too toe contest I could not split them. Scrappy second round but as they settled down Bavington got the cleaner shots off to win the round. Wyatt got the better of the third round as she boxed well at range and caught Bavington with some nice hooks as she came in. Bavington was just walking on to Wyatts shots as she poured forward to apply the pressure, Bavington got a few good shots in but it was Wyatts round. Wyatt out worked Bavington in the fifth with some cracking uppercuts and hooks.

Wyatt stayed composed and got some good shots off in the sixth, Bavington poured on the pressure just nicking the round. Bavington was relentless as she never took a step back in the seventh which seemed to play into Wyatts hands as she landed big shots as Bavington came in, Wyatt won the round with the cleaner work. Wyatt let her hands go in the eighth a d caught Bavington at will as the Wolverhampton girl continued to pressed forward. Bavington showed heart and determination in the ninth as she continued to press and push Wyatt who got the cleaner shots off. Bavington looked tired in the final round as she continued to push forward getting caught with shots giving Wyatt the round.

I had the fight 98 to 93 Wyatt the judges had it Phil Edward and Grzegorz Molenda had it 98 to 92 Wyatt judge Morata Garvia scored it 96 to 94 Bavington. Wyatt wins WBA title on split decision.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This was a hard one to watch as I have a lot of time for Kirstie as I have followed her career from the start. Wyatt was a class fighter but I think it was Bavington’s tactics that put the Canadian in the driving seat. To me after the first two rounds Bavington should have changed her statics and boxed more on the outside. One of the judges scored it to Kirstie which I honestly can’t see how as at points she was just walking into shots. Wyatt had lost her last three fights but all to top level fighters and I thing Bavington thought due would just walk though her and win.

Bavington now needs to sit down with her team and latch her performance and correct the thing that need correcting. Bavington is still the EBU European champ and she can build on that and cone again. I’m sure Bavo will be back in the ring soon, looking to contend for one of the big workds titles.


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