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Bavington Has It All On The Line

Kirsty Bavington has reached huge heights in the sport, and her journey continues February 16th at the H Suite in Birmingham on the BCB Promotions February Firepower show.

A former European champion and a regular fixture on televised shows, the welterweight has packed a lot into her six years as a professional.

This, however, could be her most important twelve months of that distinguished career as she looks to rebuild and put herself back at the top of the sport.

2023 was a tough year in the ring for the 31-year-old from Wolverhampton, as she mixed with some of the division’s elite talents.

A disputed close loss to Kandi Wyatt in her hometown in March was frustrating, but ‘Bavvo’ didn’t take a backwards step and was quickly matched with unbeaten Lauren Price in May.

It was a historic contest that saw the Lord Lonsdale belt up for grabs in a women’s fight for the first time, and despite losing on the scorecards, Kirstie etched her name in women’s sport forever.

A rematch with April Hunter followed in July, and after eight competitive rounds, referee John Latham gave it to the Newcastle fighter by a round 76-75. 

“After last year, I have had to go back to the drawing board and have been training harder than ever before. I know my ability, and I have shown before what I am capable of. I simply need to win on the 16th; if I can’t, then there is no point in continuing; it really is all on the line.

Bavington is a full-time PE teacher and a fitness fanatic. Since her last contest, she has won the Village Gym Finals in Solihull and is never out of the gym.

“It’s exciting to be back out for the first time in seven months, and with all my people in the room, the atmosphere on the night is going to be electric.

“I want to be back on the big stage, and to do that, I need to work my way up, and that starts by getting the win and putting on a performance for my supporters.

Tickets are available now for £40 standard and £75 VIP from the boxers directly or by emailing


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