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BcB Double Trouble Show (16,10,21)

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Black Country Boxing kicked off their weekend of Boxing with the first of two shows at the H-Suite Edgbaston. The shows are called collectively ‘Double Trouble’ with the first show being on Saturday 16th October and the second on the Sunday. The Saturday show had 6 fights on it card with four fights over four three-minute rounds and two over six. Doing the four rounder’s you had ‘D’Animal’ Andrew Robinson having his first fight with his new D&A team after being out for a year, you also had Alfie Best who was having his second fight of his career. Their was also two fighters making there debuts, they where Troy Jones and Brandon Jones. Doing the six rounders’ you had ‘MexiKane’ Kane Baker and the main event was Ryan Kelly making a welcomed return to the ring after being out for over 2 years. Referees on the night where Chris Dean and Kevin Parker.

The first fight of the night was Andrew Robinson taking on Ryan Hibbert in a light Heavyweight contest. Refereeing the fight, you had Chris Dean.

The first round was controlled by Robinson who picked his shots well as he eased his way back in, Hibbert covered up well and tried to keep his distance. Robinson continued to pick his shot well in the second, Hibbert covered up again well and was showing nice movement but was not throwing much back at ‘D’Animal’. Robinson picked up the pace in the third and banged in some heavy combinations to win the round with ease. In the final round Robinson let his hands go which made Hibbert cover up to see the final bell.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36, I had it the same.

The second contest was Brandon Jones making his debut taking on Ryan Bithell in a Cruiserweight contest, reffing this fight was Chris Dean.

Bithell looked like he had came to win this fight as applied pressure from the first bell, Jones boxed well behind his jab and just edged the round. Good shots by Jones in the second as Bithell continued to press and get good shots off, but Jones showed great movement and picked his shots well to win the round. In the third Jones picked up the pace and got some nice shots off, Bithell came back with good shots of his own but was caught with a lovely right hand that put him down. Bithell got to his feet and was aloud to continue, Jones went back to work letting both hands go and eventually the ref stepped in and stopped the fight one minute eight seconds into the third.

Third on the card you had Alfie Best taking on Dean Jones in the lightweight division, Best who had won his first contest was looking to keep the momentum going with Kevin Parker refereeing the contest.

Jones pressed well from the first bell and got some good shots off, Best stayed in control by using his jab well and putting in some nice combinations. In the second Best was very busy throwing lots of jabs and one, twos, Jones got the odd good shot in but Best won the round. Jones kept it competitive in the third and was make Best work, Best worked well behind the jab and just edged the round for me. In the final round Jones picked his shots well but Best just out worked him to win the round.

Ref Kevin Parker scored it 39 to 37 Best myself I had it 40 to 36 Best.

The fourth contest was another debutant with Troy Jones taking on Daniel Borisov in the light Heavyweight division with Kevin Parker refereeing.

Jones started fast in the first with some nice jabbing and some great combinations going to the head then body well. At the start of the second the ref warned both fighters about hitting around the back of the head. Jones then worked well jabbing to the head then going to the body with a lovely straight right, Borisov tried to fight back but it was Jones round. Great shot picking from Jones in the third as he continued to go head then body well. Borisov got some good shots in at the start of the final round, but Jones stuck well behind his jab and returned fire with nice combinations winning him the round.

The Ref Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 Jones I had it the same.

The fifth fight on the card was a six-round contest in the Super Welterweight division, where you had Kane Baker taking on Luke Merryfield with Chris Dean refereeing.

Baker controlled the ring in the first round with nice jabbing and good combinations Merryfield had a go back but this was Baker’s round. Merryfield mixed it up at the start of the second but as the round went on Baker took control to win the round. Merryfield continued to mix it up but Baker took shots to give them back winning the round on my card.

Merryfield made Baker work the whole round getting good shots off, Baker came back with shots of his own but I’d have to give this round to Merryfield. Merryfield continued to work hard and was getting good shots off especially from countering off the ropes, Baker returned fire to get a share of the round. Baker had to bring it in the final round and the ‘MexiKane’ came out with him winning the round.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 60 to 54 Baker myself I had it 59 to 56 Baker.

The main event of the evening was the return of Ryan Kelly who was coming back after having 2 years off from boxing was taking on Dwain Grant in the super Welterweight division with Chris Dean refereeing.

Kelly came out well and banged in some nice combinations and one, twos but Grant came back with good shots of his own but Jelly won the round. Grant boxed well in the second and kept it interesting with Kelly winning the round working the head and body with good combinations. The third was a back and fourth round with both fighters letting their hands go with Kelly winning the round with the better work rate.

The fourth round saw Kelly push Grant back for the whole of the round as he let educated combinations off as Grant attempted to counter off the ropes. Round five was the same as Kelly pinned Grant to the ropes as he again tried to counter off them, but he could no match Kelly’s work rate as he banged in good combinations. Grant drowned why they call him ‘cheeky’ as he showboated and posed on the ropes, Kelly didn’t rise to this and continued to bang in sweet combinations in the final round winning the round and the fight.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 60 to 54, I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Firstly it was great to see Andrew Robinson and Ryan Kelly back in the ring after long times out. Robinson worked his way into his fight and showed that ‘D’Animal’ is still a force to be reckoned with. I hope to see him out again soon.

Brandon Jones looked impressive in his stoppage win on his debut. He picked his shots well and the right hand he put Bithell down with was a cracker. Great stoppage and this young man look's like he has great potential.

Alex Best had a good scrap with the entertaining journeyman Dean Jones who always puts a shift in. Jones made Best work for his win and he will learn a lot as it didn’t all go his way but it was an impressive performance.

Troy Jones impressed on his debut showing great shot picking and nice combinations, he controlled the four rounds from start to finish and it was an excellent display.

Kane Baker was in fine form in this fight as Merryfield put up a good challenge for the man known as ‘MexiKane’. Baker is keeping himself busy after fighting on BCB’s last show and I look forward to seeing him out soon again.

It was great seeing Ryan Kelly back in a ring after two rounds out, he was up against a very tricky opponent in Grant but used his skills and experience to win his first fight back with ease. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him out again and hopefully for a title in a few fights time.


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