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BcB Fight Before Christmas Round up

Black Country Boxing held their final show of the year at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham (20.12.23). The show consisted of eight contests with four contests over four three-minute rounds two over six three-minute a female contest over six two-minute rounds and headlining a female contest over ten two-minute rounds. The Column has already reported on the main event and Ogbeide and Edwards fights with links below.

In the home corner for the remaining four rounders in the home corner were light Heavyweight Ben Collins who was making his debut and was taking on Genadij Krajevskij and Wolverhampton’s Brandon Bethell (22) who was taking on veteran Journeyman Liam Richards in Richards final contest. The two male six-rounders, saw David Avanesyan (35) from Armenia taking on Serge Ambomo and Macauley Owen (26) from Telford taking on Engel Gomez. In the Female six rounder you had super welterweight Omarah Taylor from Birmingham who was making her debut and was taking on Ester Konecna. Refferees on the night were Ryan Churchill, and Chris Dean and judging some of the fights you had ‘A’ Star ref Kevin Parker.

First up in the report we have McCauley Owen taking on Engel Gomez in a six-round contest. Twenty-six-year-old Owen from Telford was having his seventh professional contest and was so far unbeaten. Gomez (23) from Nicaragua was entering the ring for the thirty third time with eight wins and two draws on his record. Both fighters weighed in nine stone eleven in a super lightweight contest with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Owen looked sharp in the first round using a nice southpaw jab to set up some hurtful backhands that shook Gomez every time they landed. Owen came out fast in the second and did not look like he was messing around as he landed some great backhands rocking Gomez with him eventually going down. Ref Ryan Churchill started to count and Gomez did not attempt to get to his feet.

Owen wins 2nd round KO 50 seconds second round.


Next up was the other six rounder with a former world title contender in David Avanesyan taking on Serge Ambomo inna Middleweight contest. Avanesyan (35) has won multiple titles and has a record of thirty-four contests winning twenty-nine and drawing one. Serge Ambomo (37) had entered the ring sixty-eight times winning eleven and drawing three. Avanesyan weighed in elven stone four with Ambomo coming in elven stone two with Chris Dean reffing.

Avanesyan grew into the first round pressing Ambomo back, as the round went on Avanesyan landed some heavy combinations winning the round with ease. Avanesyan switch hit in the second picking great combinations going to the body well and landing some evil uppercuts. Avanesyan continued to pick his shots well in the third landing great body shots and uppercuts, Ambomo had a go back but Avanesyan was in full control. Avanesyan was showing that there are levels to boxing in the fourth landing big shots working Ambomo’s body well as he set the pace, Ambomo had a go back but was made to cover up for most of the round. Ambomo’s corner called the fight off at the end of the fourth.

Avanesyan wins Ambomo retiring in his corner.


Next we see Omarah Taylor from Birmingham who was making her professional debut. Taylor was taking on Ester Konecna (35) from the Czech Republic who was entering the ring Asia pro for the thirtieth time with three wins and two draws so far. Taylor weighed in ten stone thirteen with Konecna coming in ten stone twelve in a super Welterweight contest with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Taylor came out fast in the first and worked well behind her jab, Konecna landed dome good shots but it was Taylors round. Taylor controlled to centre of the ring using her jab well with a very high tempo boxing winning the round with ease, Taylor stepped it up even more in the third and landed some cracking combinations and backhands pushing Konecna back.

Taylor continued her good work in the fourth working behind her jab keeping Konecna on the back foot landing some great back hands. Konecna let some good shots go at the start of the fifth but Taylor continued to press and land some nice one, twos winning the round. Taylor looked to finish strong but Konecna was looking to run the clock down and see the round out, Taylor won the round and the contest.

Judge Kevin Parker scored it 59 to 55 Taylor I had it 60 to 54 Taylor.


The first male Four rounder of this report see’s twenty two year old Brandon Bethell from Wolverhampton take on veteran Journeyman Liam Richards in a super lightweight contest. Bethell was having his second contest after winning on his debut beating Logan Paling in September of this year. Richards was having his one hundredth and seventh contest of his career and it was announced that it was his final contest. Both fighters weighed in nine stone eleven with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Richards was going to have to earn his money in his final fight as Bethell came out strong from the first bell, Bethell worked the body and head well with great combinations as his massive following cheered him on. Bethell continued to land heavy combinations in the second as Richards used all of his journeyman skills to try and stay safe, Bethell was in full control landing heavy shots to Richards body and head. Bethell continued his impressive work in the third landing heavy shots with a very high work rate, Richards continued to hand in there and used all his tricks he had learned in one hundred and six contests. Bethell stepped the pace up even more in the fourth picking great shots to Richards head and body, All Richards could do was cover up and stay safe and see the final bell.

Judge Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 Bethell I had it the same.

In the final contest of this report, we saw debutant Ben Collins take on Genadij Krajevskij in the four-round cruiserweight contest. Collins weighed in twelve stone nine with Krajevshij coming in twelve stone five with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Ben Collins came out strong in the first and imposed himself from the first bell using a great jab and some cracking combinations going head and body well. Collins controlled the second round hunting his opponent down and working the head and body like someone who had had Twenty pro fights. Collins was showing great composure and shot picked in the third as he landed great combinations with some nice backhands. Krajevskij let some shots go at the start of the final round but Collins used this to counter and land nice shots with some great shot picking all coming off a great jab, Fantastic Debut.

Judge Kevin Parker scored it 40-36 to Collins I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Great show to end the year off with some great contests with some great performances. Macauley Owen took his record to seven undefeated with a great stoppage victory with some hurtful body shots. I’m sure now Owen will be looking at the area title but the light and super lightweight divisions are stacked with talent at the moment and Owen is looking like he will be a contender in this division.

David Avanesyan last fight was for the WBO welterweight title where he lost to Terrance Crawford in a sixth-round stoppage. He has fought for multiple titles and this fight was just to keep him ticking over and add a win to his record and showcase his skills.

Female fighter Omarah Taylor impressed on her debut as she showed some high-tempo boxing and a good variety of shots. The Birmingham Super Welterweight looks a great addition to the female rankings.

Brandon Bethell put on a great performance against Richards who had announced that this was going to be his final contest. Richards may have wanted to go out with a good performance but Bethell dominated every round and Richards had to use all the tricks and journeyman skills he has learned over his one hundred of seven fights. Impressive win for Bethell who goes to two without defeat.

I was very impressed with Ben Collins debut he put together great combinations showed great composure and looked like a boxer who was having his 20th fight and not his first. I look forward to seeing this talented fight in the ring next year.


Many thanks to BcB Promotions for having the Column at their show this year.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.




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