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BcB undercard Fightzone 10.3.23

Black Country Boxing Promotions teamed up with Fightzone and the BBC to bring the world-wide Boxing community a night of the noble art straight from the Black Country. The show was held in the heart of Wolverhampton at the Hangar Venue and was streamed live and free on Fightzone and BBC Iplayer. The Column have picked three fights from the undercard with three boxers from the Black Country fighting out of the home corner. Doing a six rounder in the super Middleweight division for the first time we saw Ryan Whitehead (29) from Shrewsbury take on the very tricky West Bromwich fighter Dwain Grant. This was Whitehead’s fourth contest and would be his hardest test to date. We also looked at the very talented and highly rated Gully Powar (20) who was having his third fight with this one being at super lightweight. Powar took on the very tricky and talent veteran Journeyman Liam Richards in a four-round contest. Last but by no means least we saw 24-year-old WBF super Bantamweight World champion Katie Healy takes on Katherine Quintana over six two minute rounds. Healy was a late but very welcome addition to the undercard of this show in a tick over fight.

First up we had Ryan Whitehead taking on Dwain Grant in a super Middleweight contest over 6 rounds, Whitehead weighed in 11 stone 12 with Grant coming in the same, Pete McCormick reffing.

Both fighters felt each other out at the start of the first round with Whitehead just edging it with his work rate. Grant showed great defence and movement in the second talking to Whitehead letting some nice shots go, Whitehead got some good shots off but Grant won this round. Whitehead stepped it up in the third and started going to the head and body well landing some good combinations, Grant covered up well but it was Whitehead’s round. Grant took the centre of the ring in the fourth round as he looked to dictate the pace, Whitehead banged in some nice combinations to push Grant to the ropes winning the round. Whitehead got Grant on the ropes and got some good shots to the body, Grant seemed happy to fight on the back foot and take the shots with Whitehead winning the round convincingly. Whitehead came out fast in the final round and put it on Grant who just covered up on the ropes, Great defence by Grant with Whitehead winning the round and the fight.

The judge Kevin Parker scored it 60 to 54 Whitehead I had it 59 to 55 Whitehead.

Next up was the talented and highly rated Gully Powar who took on Liam Richards in a four round contests in the super Lightweight division. Powar came in 9 stone 7 with Richards coming in 9 stone 11 with Pete McCormick reffing.

Powar started quite in the first with fast hands and flashy combinations going body and head well, all Richards could do was cover up and get though the round. Richards tucked up well in the second and let a few shots go trying to frustrate Powar, when Powar let his hands go he went body and head well winning the round. Powar put some nice eye-catching combinations together in the third going to body and head well winning the round. Relentless pressure by Powar who continued to pour it on Richards who could only move and cover up winning the round and the fight.

I scored it 40 to 36 Powar the judge had it the same.

The final fight we looked at on the undercard was a 6 two minute round contest in the lightweight division with Walsall’s Katie Healy taking on Katherine Quintana. Healy who was 5 without defeat weighed in 9 stone 3 with Quintana coming in 9 stone 5 with Mark Lyson reffing.

Confident start by Healy who took the centre of the ring boxing well as she went though the gears. Healy pick her shots well in the second with not much coming back from Quintana. Healy picked up the pace in the third round getting good combinations off going body to head with ease.

Healy went on the inside in the fourth getting close with Quintana letting her hands go with Healy winning the round. Healy kept it long in the fifth with some nice one, twos and a great mixture of shots to win the round. Healy mixed it up getting close and boxing at range, Quintana got one good right hand off but Healy returned fire winning the round and the fight.

I had it 60 to 54 Healy ref Mark Lyson had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This was a cracking under card with the Black Country well represented, Whitehead had a hard six round contest against a very tricky opponent in Grant. Whitehead adjusted during the fight and push and pressured Grant winning the fight convincingly, thus was a very good test for Whitehead in his first six rounder. Gully Powar showcased and stay of shots against the veteran Journeyman Richards. He showed all the signs of a world class prospect but I did see signs of frustration which could be his downfall if he doesn’t get it in check, but there is no doubt he is definitely one to watch out for. Katie Healy went though the gears in this tick over fight and showed her class and skills in her home town. Katie is a very talented Boxer and I look forward to seeing her challenge for some of the big world titles soon.