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Benjamin Loses British Title Challenge

Eastsides gyms Kaisee Benjamin loft for only the second time in his career as he fought for the British Super lightweight title against unbeaten champion Dalton Smith. The fight was the co main event on the Boxxer Promotions show which was being aired live on Sky sports from Manchester and was over 12 rounds (12.11.22). Benjamin (27) from Birmingham had an impressive record of 16 wins 1 draw with his 1 defeat coming in the boxxer tournament over three rounds, the champ Dalton Smith (25) from Sheffield had a impressive record of 12 without defeat. Benjamin and Smith both weighed in 9 stone 13, referee on the night was Marcus McDonnell.

Benjamin took the centre of the ring in the first round it was a cagey start by both fighters with Benjamin just edging it. The second was more aggressive by both fighters as both got good shots off, Benjamin just edged it again for me. Benjamin started the third the aggressor, but Smith countered well who nicked this round. Good battling fourth round by both fighters both had joy even round. Smith countered well in the fifth while Benjamin continued to attack, another close round but Smith got this one for me. The sixth was close round but the more eye-catching shots came from Smith.

The seventh was another close round with Smith just nicking it again with the cleaner shots. Benjamin landed a cracking right hand at the start of the eighth, he then continued his good work landing the cleaner shots to win the round convincingly. Benjamin piled on the pressure in the ninth and it seemed like the tide was turning pinning Smith to the ropes and landing some great combinations winning the round. Smith started the 10th round sharp and caught Benjamin with some heavy shots, Benjamin took them well and came back with shots of his own, but it was Smiths round. Could not split them in the eleventh round and they both got good shots off. Smith let his hands go at the start of the final round and caught Benjamin with some lovely 1,2s that knocked him back. Benjamin then seemed to come to life for the last minute of the round getting some good shots off, another even round.

The judges' score cards were unanimous with Michael Alexander scoring it 116 to 113 Smith, Phil Edwards scoring it 117 to 112 Smith and Steve Gray having it 115 to 114 Smith.

I had it 116 to 115 Smith.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I’m truly gutted for Kaisee as this was a great opportunity for him to step up take the British title and move on to European and world titles. This was a very close contest with a lot of rounds that came down to just a few cleaner punches and let’s face it you're never really going to take a British title off the champ if its close. But that said and how close I thought it was (I had 1 round in it at the end) I think the right person won. I do honestly believe Kaisee is set for much bigger titles and on another day would have claimed that title with little or no fuss but in my opinion, he fought like he was already the champ. I have followed Kaisee’s career from the start as with Shakan Pitters I interviewed him first and I have championed him as a boxed to go beyond British level and contest for titles at world level. Do I still think he can do that? Without question ‘yes’ but he needs to look at this performance with his team and learn from it. He boxed like a champion in this fight but make be if he had boxed like a hungry challenger, he would be waking up with the Lonsdale Belt and would earn his place in the Bbcolumn’s ‘Hall of Fame’. There is no doubt in my mind that Kaisee will win the British or surpass it and I look forward to that day to when potential becomes a Champion.

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