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Benjamin wins Midlands title Clash

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Eastside’s gym Kaisee Benjamin was victorious on the Hennessy Sports Promotion show against Cogans Corner gyms Ben Fields for the vacant Welterweight Midlands area title. Benjamin who had vacated this title as he looked to challenge for English honours was looking to reclaim the title due to the lockdown stopping a lot of shows from happening. Benjamin was meant to be fighting the unbeaten Conah Walker who had to pull out due to injury but his replacement Ben Fields was a more than worthy adversary. Fields who had just been crown super lightweight Midlands area champion after beating Alex Fearon earlier this year jumped at the chance of taking on Benjamin for yet another Midlands title. Fields known as the ‘0-Taker’ moved up a weight for this contests which was advertised as being live on channel five (11,12,20) on Sam Eggington’s return. This fight was a highly anticipated one due to the styles of the fighters making the perfect battle on paper.

Kaisee Benjamin v Ben Fields

Midlands Welterweight Area Title

10 x 3 Rounds

Great jabbing and movement in the first round by Benjamin as Fields looked to work his way in and get his shots off. Fields had his moments of joy in the second but Benjamin controlled the pace and used his jab well with good movement switch hitting at will. In the third Fields stepped up the pace and got some big shots off but Benjamin moved well and counter on the back foot to nick the round. Benjamin controlled the fourth round from the centre of the ring using his jab well and keeping it long.

The fifth was Fields best round as he started to pour on the pressure and was closing the gap quicker to get his shots off. Benjamin returned fire with some cracking shots but this was Fields round. Great sixth round as both fighters as they went back and fourth banging shots in, Fields nicked the round by finishing it the stronger. Fields showed loads of heart in the seventh as Benjamin banged in some big eye catching shots but Fields battled back hard to see the round out. Benjamin seemed to have hurt his left hand in this round.

Benjamin picked his shots well in the eighth and the eye catching shots came from him, but Fields work rate earned him a share of the round. Fields pressed and pressured with Benjamin moving well and got some great shots off but Fields nicked this round with his work rate. Fields started the final round fast getting in some big shots, Benjamin returned fire with some big shots of his own that rocked Fields but Fields relentless work-rate got him threw the round.

Ref scored the fight 97 to 95 to Benjamin, myself I had it 97 to 94 Benjamin.

Kaisee Benjamin the new Welterweight Midlands area champion

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great fight, both fighters can walk away from this with a sense of pride. How this fight was not aired in full on channel five or even just extended highlights it a absolute travesty to me. This was always going to be a big ask for Fields as he moved up a weight to take on a fighter who by rights should be fighting at British level by now. Fields left it all in the ring like he always does pouring on the pressure and pressing for every minute of the 10 round fight. But I have always said that Skill will always beats will and Benjamin had to pull out all of his skills to get this victory against one of the most inspirational fighters around at the moment. Benjamin boxer as good as I have ever seen him and I think he needs to be challenged to get this out of him. Benjamin will go on and I have no doubt there is a British title in his future. As for Fields he is still a super lightweight Midlands area champion and will be looking to defend his title back at his normal weight or even go for the English or British title if he gets the call.


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