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Boxxer Series Lightweights

The Boxxer Series came to Coventry (16.4.22) with the Lightweights having a go at the £40,000 prize money at the Skydome. The Midland was well represented in the prize fighter style contest with boxers from Birmingham, The Black Country and Coventry. From Birmingham you had two unbeaten fighters in 27-year-old Tion Gibbs who was 8 without defeat and 21-year-old Scott Melvin who was 4 without defeat coming into the event. From the Black Country we had 25-year-old Shaun Cooper who had won 12 out of 15 fights, we also had 21-year-old from Coventry Dylan Cheema who was 2 without defeat.

The first quarter final was Otis Lookham taking on Dylan Cheema. Both fighters came out swinging with Cheema getting wobbled right at the start of the round. Cheema then caught Lookham with a big right hand that put him down, Lookham got to his feet but Cheema moved in and press his opponent until the ref came in and stopped the contest.

The second quarter final was a crack with the two Birmingham lads drawn against each other. Gibbs and Melvin both started very cagey showing great movement with both fighters landing good shots but Melvin won the round as he was the busier. Melvin went to the body well in the second showing some fast hands, Gibbs did have some joy but Melvin won the round. Entertaining third round with both fighters leaving it all in the ring, close round but Gibbs nicked it.

Two judges gave it 29 to 28 to Melvin with one scoring it 29 to 28 Gibbs. I had it 29 to 28 Melvin.

The third quarter final was contested by Rylan Charlton against Joe Underwood with Charlton winning a unanimous decision 29 to 28 on the scorecards.

The fourth quarter final was between Shaun Cooper taking on Brooklin Tilley. Nice tidy first round by Cooper who kept it simple letting nice shots go winning the round with ease. Tilley upped the pace in the second but Cooper stayed calm and picked his shots well to win the round. In the third Cooper picked his shots well and showed great movement to win the final round.

All judges scored it 29 to 28 to Cooper I had it 30 to 27 Cooper.

The first semi final was contested by Dylan Cheema and Scott Melvin. The first round was a close one with both fighters showing great defensive skills but Cheema just edged it. In the second Melvin showed his quality and skills and used his jab well boxing Cheema’s head off winning the round with ease. Melvin started the final round well shooting out nice shots but Cheema dug deep and got a share of the round.

Two of the judges had it 29 to 28 Cheema and one had it 29 to 28 Melvin, myself I had it Even 29 to 29.

The second semi final was between Rylan Charlton and Shaun Cooper. Cooper boxed well in the first round on the back foot moving well and picking great shots. Charlton was relentless in the second and smashed Cooper around the ring, Cooper fought back hard but Charlton won the round. Cooper showed loads of heart in the final round but Charlton continued to bang in big shots dropping Cooper with an evil body shot which Cooper could not recover from.

The final was contested between Dylan Cheema and Rylan Charlton. Cheema was buzzed at the start of the first round but composed himself and came back, Charlton continued to press and won the round. Charlton started well and pushed Cheema back, Cheema work well on the back foot and out worked Charlton. Both fighters left it all in the right as Cheema boxed well while Charlton continued to press, Cheema again out worked Charlton to win the round and the £40,000.

Finishing off the show we had Coventry’s own River Wilson-Bent taking on Ismael Seck in a six-round contest. Wilson-Bent kept his unbeaten record winning every round on Ref Kevin Parkers scorecard and now moves on to the highly anticipated rematch against Tyler Denny for the English Middleweight title. This fight is set for Saturday 11th June at Wembley arena under the Boxxer Promotions banner.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great show this was and a great advert for Midland’s boxing. First massive congratulations to Dylan Cheema for winning the Boxxer Tournament, when I looked at the fighter in the contest, I will admit he was not one I thought had a chance. But I am big enough to admit I was wrong; he was rocked at the start of his first contest and came back by stopping his opponent in front of a home crowd. He then beat a very talented Scott Melvin in a very close contest and to tell you the truth I could not split them but if you had to Cheema finished the stronger which probably got him the nod with the judges. The final was a battle for him but he boxed well on the back foot and taking home £40,000 and taking his record to 5 without defeat. He was very impressive against some very good opposition and was a deserving winner.

Scott Melvin did the hard work beating the highly rated Tion Gibbs in his first fight and I think after boxing Cheema’s head off in the second round of there contest he seemed to take his foot off the pedal and try and reserve energy but two of the judges gave it Cheema. Melvin is still one of the most talented prospects coming out of Birmingham and I’m sure he will learn from this and I still see titles in his future.

Tion Gibbs was one of the favourites for this contest but I think the draw didn’t help him taking on his stable mate Melvin first. Gibbs was just out worked over the three round but again you could see what a great talent he is and again I can see him learning from this and getting titles in his future.

Shaun Cooper showed his quality in his first fight just keeping it simple and getting the job done. He started his second fight well but Charlton’s pressure style just seemed to overwhelm him and a cracking body shot ended it. Cooper is only 25 and I’m sure he will be back contesting for titles very soon.

River Wilson-Bent impressed in a shut out victory infant of his Coventry fans, he will now have his eyes firmly set on June 11th where he will be taking on the very tough Tyler Denny for the Middleweight English title. This will be the second time they have met for the title after a very controversial split draw after Wilson-Bent was badly cut during the fight and it was taken to the judges scorecards .


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