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Collins ‘Keeps Right On’ To Ten in a Row

Unbeaten Tommy Collins took his pro record to ten without defeat at the Bescot Stadium Walsall on the BcB Promotions show called ‘Battle at the Bescot’ (1.12.23). The massive Birmingham City supporter took on a very tough opponent in Nicaraguan Brayan Mairena (27) in a six-round contest in front of his cheering blue-nose supporters. The contest was in the welterweight  division with twenty-five-year-old Collins weighing in ten stone six and Mairena coming in nine stone twelve with Pete McCormick reffing the contest.

Collins controlled the first round with his jab as his massive following cheered him on, Mairena just kept away and tried to stay out of trouble. Mairena was making himself very hard to hit in the second and was moving well as Collins looked to pin him down and land some big shots, there were a few good exchanges in the round with Collins just edging it. Mairena landed some nice shots as he countered in the third but Collins just outworked him landing good shots and winning the round.

Mairena took some heavy shots in the fourth but was showing a lot of heart and determination getting some hood shot of his own but this was Collins round. In the fifth Collins was landing Combinations at will as Mairena took everything that Collins landed. Collins continued to press and land some heavy shots in the final round with Mairena taking them well and coming back with shots of his own but it was Collins round.

Judge Chris Dean scored it 60 to 54 Collins I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Collins has now notched up ten fights without defeat with five of them over six rounds and one over eight, my question is when is he going to contest for a title? The Midlands Welterweight title is vacant on the BBBoC website unless Owen Cooper has given it up, he is the holder at the moment. This would be a great fight and a great test for both boxers as both fighters are unbeaten and if Collins won it would propel him to the big TV promotions and be contesting for bigger titles. Collins last few fights have been very tough opponents with no real reward but another ‘W’ in the win column. I really do think Tommy Gun Collins is ready for the step up to contest for a Midlands title and give his massive following something to really cheer about. I look forward to seeing Collins back out soon.

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