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  • Dexter Hastings

Collision Course 2 23,04,22

Tommy Owens Promotions held there April show ‘Collision Course 2’ at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham. The show consisted of six fights with three of them over four three-minute rounds one over four two-minute rounds a six rounder and a Ten round Midlands title fight. Doing the four rounders’ in the home corner you had Tyler Christopher, Megan Redstall, Oli Cassidy and making his debut Samuel Pikire. Fighting in the six rounder in the home corner was Michael Hennessy jr who had won 8 out of 10 fights. The main event was for the vacant Lightweight Midlands area title between Ishmael Ellis and Louis Fielding who have both fought for this title two time before. Referees on the night were Kevin Parker and Chris Dean with the ring girls being provided by CP Agency.

First up was a super Welterweight contest with the 25-year-old unbeaten Tyler Christopher taking on experience Journeyman MJ Hall. Both fighters weighed in 10 stone 12 with Chris Dean reffing.

Nice tidy start by Christopher who showed great movement and picked his shots well to win the round. Christopher went to the head and body well in the second winning the round with ease. Hall had a go back in the third but Christopher soon took control again as he stayed composed and picked his shots well to win the round. Hall made the final round competitive but was out worked by Christopher who won the round with ease.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 Christopher, I had it the same.

Second on the card was a Super Bantamweight female fight between Megan Redstall who took on Claudia Ferenczi over four two-minute rounds, Redstall weighed in 8 stone 2 Ferenczi came in 8 stone 9 with Chris Dean reffing.

Fast start by Redstall who put some good shots together to win the first round. Nice movement in the second as Redstall controlled the round picking her shots well. The third was also controlled by Redstall who put together some hurtful combinations. Ferenczi had a right go in the final round with Redstall matching her and winning the round.

Ref Chris Dean had it 40 to 36 Redstall I had it the same.

The third contest was super Welterweight debutant Samuel Pikire taking on Liam Richards, Pikire weighed in 9 stone 6 with Richards coming in 9 stone 13 with Kevin Parker reffing

Pikire showed great movement and shot picking winning his first round with ease. Richards used some nice journeyman moves to mess Pikire about, Pikire continued to pick his shots well winning the second round. In the third Richards covered up and moved well getting some good shots off bullying Pikire ability which the debutant didn’t like. Pikire was caught a lot in this round with gum shield also falling out. Pikire got back to his boxing in the final round getting some nice combinations off, Richards continued to mess and annoy Pikire but he won the round.

Ref Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 Pikire I had it 39 to 37 Pikire.

Forth on the card was a Middleweight contest between Oli Cassidy who was unbeaten in 4 fights and Richard Helm. Cassidy weighed in 11 stone 2 with Helm coming in 11 stone 5 with Chris Dean reffing.

Nice competitive round with both fighters getting good shots off, Cassidy nicked the round with better shots. Helm got some good shots off in the second and brought the best out of Cassidy who showed great movement and got some great shots off. Helm made Cassidy work for the whole of the third round as he continued to ask questions, Cassidy kept his composure and used some nice combinations to win the round. Helm covered up well in the final round and got some good shots off but was just out worked by Cassidy who won the rounds and the fight.

Ref Chris Dean had it 39 to 37 to Cassidy, I had it 40 to 36 Cassidy.

The final fight on the under card was another Middleweight contest with Michael Hennessy jr taking on George Rogers. Hennessey weighed in 11 stone 3 with Rogers coming in 11 stone with Chris Dean reffing.

Hennessey jr out boxed Rogers for all six rounds winning the fight with ease 59 to 55 to Hennessy jr.

The main event of the night was a ten round title fight for the vacant Lightweight Midlands area title between Ishmael Ellis and Louis Fielding. Ellis weighed in 9 stone 8 with Fielding coming in 9 stone 5 with Kevin Parker refereeing.