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Cooper Notches Up Eighth Victory

Worcester's Owen Cooper notched up his eighth win live on BT sports (25/03/23) when he dispatched a very game opponent in the second round. Cooper (22) took on 21-year-old Eber Tobar in a Welterweight contest at the Telford International Centre on the undercard of the Heaney, Flatley rematch on the Queensberry promotions. Cooper weighed in 10 stone 9 with T-bar coming in the same with Chris Dean reffing. Cooper came out fast and took control of the center of the ring letting his hands go against a very game fighter in Tobar. Cooper couldn’t seem to miss as he let combination after combination off as Tobar walked on to them. Tobar did not stop coming forward in the first round but may have been to fame as Cooper was catching Jim at will. The second was very similar to the first but

Cooper started to pin Tobar to the ropes and let his hands go, the end come 2 minutes 1 seconds into the round when he caught Tobar with an evil left hook that seemed to knock the Colombian out on his feet, ref Chris Dean jumped in and stopped the fight.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Cooper looked good as he took his record to eight without defeat, he could not miss a very game opponent who was probably too brave for his own good. It was a cracking shot that ended the fight and shows the potential of this young fighter. He has already won a Midlands title and is looking for more. Cooper is in one of the hottest divisions with a lot of talent in the welterweight, but I can see him winning a British, Commonwealth, or even a European title in the next few years, and who knows from there Cooper is definitely a young boxer to watch out for


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