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Covid Stops Balls World Title Bid

WBC interim Super-bantamweight female World Champ Rachel Ball has had to pull out of her WBA World Bantamweight challenge due to catching the Covid virus in January of this year. Ball 30 from Aldridge was meant to be taking on Shannon Courtenay for the title in a rematch fight with Ball winning the first. Courtenay 27 from Watford will now take on Ebanie Bridges for the World title on the undercard of Conor Benn against Samuel Vargas on April 10th live on Sky sports.

Naturally the Bbcolumn’s ‘Boxer of the year' was gutted to have to have pulled out of this highly anticipated rematch, the Ginger Matador took to social media to let her followers know the bad news.

Rachel wrote ‘Its finally out that I’m not fighting in April, it’s a relief I can finally explain what’s been going on. I got Covid in January, to cut a long story short I haven’t fully recovered and still have daily headaches and fatigue exacerbated by activity, particularly exercise. I have good days and bad days and even that can vary through the day. It’s been over 2 months now, I’ve learnt to live with it, get on with things and appreciate the little things in life. I don’t want sympathy and I don’t like moaning about it, I think I’ve got off lightly compared to the horror stories I’ve read. I know a lot of people think Covid is fake- everyone’s entitled to their opinion but what I’m experiencing is very real even if I “look okay”. I’m not going to stay at home when things open up, I’ll be going out like everyone else even it kills me the day after. I compulsively have to progress and achieve things and I’ll carry on doing just that but outside the ring for now’.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I’m absolutely gutted for Rachel and her team that she has had to pull out of this world title contest. I have followed Rachel’s career from the start and was so looking forward to seeing her become the WBA Bantamweight World Champ. If you have ever seen Rachel fight you can see that she is super fit and healthy but Covid has continued to effect her for months after she caught it. I can really relate to this as my brother contracted Covid in December and is still getting over it and still finds it hard to walk. Its just shows that Covid is no joke and can effect anyone and if it gets you, it gets you. I really do wish ‘The Ginger Boxer', ‘The Ginger Matador’, Bbcolumn’s ‘Boxer of the Year' Rachel Ball a very speedy recovery and that when she has recovered she takes on the winner of Courtenay and Bridges and adds her first world title to her collection.


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