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Crash, Bang, Wollop BcB Promotions

BcB Promotions held their second show since Lockdown at the Stadium Suite Bescot Stadium Walsall (26,9,21). The show was scheduled to have four bouts of boxing but unfortunately, Ahmeen Khakid's opponent pulled out on the day and they could not find him another opponent. On the card, we had Traian Tudosache and James Beech Jr doing 4 three-minute round fights and topping the bill doing a six-rounder you had Kane Baker. Refereeing the show, you had Kevin Parker and Chris Dean.

Kicking off the show you have Traian Tudosache making his debut and was taking on the experienced Paul Cummings. Tudosache weighed in 10 stone 7 with Cummings coming in 11 stone dead for this four-rounder.

Cummings came out with intent in the first round getting a good combination off to the head and body, Tudosache came back with some very eye-catching shots to get a share of the round. Cummings continued his good work in the second pushing Tudosache back and getting some good combinations off, Tudosache came back with some heavy shots but Cummings won the round.

Both fighters had their moments in the third with Tudosache getting some eye-catching combinations off but Cummings pressed and got good shots off and showed a good work rate to get a share of the round. Tudosache came out fast in the final round and his work rate won him this one putting great combinations together as Cummings began to tier.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 38 to 38 a draw, I had it 39 to 39 a draw.

Next up we had James Beech jr doing a four-rounder in front of a lot of his fans present. Beech was taking on veteran Dean Jones in a super lightweight contest with Beech coming in 9 stone 13 and Dean coming in 9 stone eight.

Beech started the first round fast but Jones moved well to slip a lot of them and came back with a shot of his own, Beech won the round on his work rate. Beech put the pressure on in the second and showed great combinations and work rate to win the round.

In the third Beech showed great shot picking and movement as Jones pressed and pressured but Beech won the round. In the final round, Beech started to show his British class as he picked great shots and showed great movement to win the round.

The Ref Kevin Scored it 40 to 36 Beech, I had it the same.

The main event of the night was Kane Baker who was taking on Dean Evans in a six-round contest in the lightweight division. Baker weighed in 9 stone 11 and Evans came in the same with Chris Dean reffing.

Both fighters got off to good starts in the first, Baker won the round with the more eye-catching shots. Baker poured on the pressure from the start in the second as Evans switch-hitting to no avail. Baker worked behind a good jab to win the round with ease. Kane showed why Matchroom love him in the third as he stepped up the pace and banged in some real good shots winning the round.

Baker continued to box well in the fourth and was putting some great combinations together; Evans came back with some big shots of his own but this was Baker’s round. Great fifth round as both fighters let their hands go and got good shots off, Baker came out on top with some crisp combinations. Baker took the centre