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Cruiserweight Midlands Eliminator Announced

It has now been confirmed that Matt Sen will be taking on fellow Cruiserweight Antony Woolery in an eliminator for the Midlands area Cruiserweight title. The fight will be on the undercard of the BcB show ‘Two Horse Race' (24,4 20) where Conah Walker will be taking on Nathan Bendon for the Midlands area Welterweight title. Sen (32) from Wolverhampton has a record of 5 wins in 7 contests and was stopped in his last contest in the Ultimate boxxer tournament by finalist Damian Chambers (19,7,19). Woolery (34) record stands at 4 fights with two wins, he is also from Wolverhampton and was in the same Ultimate boxxer tournament as Sen losing at the same stage but on a majority decision against the winner Mikael Lawal. Woolery also fought on the BcB show in Wolverhampton in October of last year beating Elvis Dube on points.

I contacted both fighters and asked them both a few questions about the fight.

We start ‘The Slugger' Matt Sen, my first question was how did you feel when you got the news about the fight? Mat told me “I am excited about fighting a Midlands Title Eliminator. As you know it was meant to of been against Dilly Singh at the Skydome Arena in Coventry but due to him retiring, I now get the chance to fight in my hometown of Wolverhampton against what I'd consider to be a much better opponent”. My next question for Sen was, how will you train for this fight and will you change anything? Sen informed me “We have worked tirelessly looking at old fights and mistakes I've made to ensure we correct these, every day is a school day and we are working on bringing a complete package fight night”. I then ask Matt, what do you know about Woolery? He said “I personally like Antony he is a nice fella but this is business and there will be no love shown once the bell rings”. My final question to Sen was, have you got a prediction? Matt informed me “A convincing Sen Win". Matt finished by saying “This is my opportunity and it's only going to go one way, with my hand raised so whether its KO, stoppage or points, it's my time and that Midlands Title will be sat in the Sen house hold come summer”.

I asked Antony the same questions, when I asked him about how he felt when he heard he told me “I was buzzing when I got the news about this fight. This is what I turned pro for to be in good fights that the fans want to see”. I then asked him about his training ‘The Bull' told me “Regards training I'll approach it like I do any other I always train hard for my fights”. When asked what he knew about Sen he said I no Matt's one big strong lad and of a similar age to myself. This is what makes this fight interesting as neither of us are young pups anymore and probably wont get another opportunity like this so I no we are both going to want this which is going to make for a great fight come the 24th of next month and I can't wait”. Woolley finished by saying “I won a Midlands title as an amateur also in the unlicensed game so this was my goal turning pro to win a midlands at least and now I've got the opportunity I'm going to take it with both hands”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This looks like it is going to be a cracking fight with both fighters with there eye on contesting for the Cruiserweight Midlands area title. Sen has had the more fights as a pro but I don’t think that will be a factor. Both fighters are the other side of 30 so like Antony said this will probably be there only chance at the Midlands title. I have seen both fight on several occasions and think both fighters have assets. I think this is a perfect match up and will be a great fight especially as both fighters are fighting in there home town of Wolverhampton. This will be a hard one to call and I think it will come down to who wants it more. The Birmingham Boxing Column will look on with interest to see who comes out victorious.

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