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Dacres wins English Heavyweight Title

Birmingham’s Solomon Dacres claimed the English Heavyweight title against the unbeaten Robert Ismay at the Newcastle arena (18.3.23). The fight was on the undercard of a Matchroom promotions show which was being streamed live on DAZN with Cyrus Pattinson and Chris Jenkins head lined. Dacres (29) cam in with an unbeaten record of 5 without defeat with Ismay (35) from Newcastle had a impressive record on paper with 11 fights with out defeat. Dacres weighed in 16 stone 12 with Ismay coming in 18 stone 10 with Ron Kearney reffing.

Ismay came out strong in the first round and tried to put it on Dacres who attempted to keep it long and at range. Ismay got in a few times and asked questions of Dacres who answered them. In the second Ismay was already looking tired and Darces just started to let his hands go and was catching the Newcastle boxer at will. Darces landed a barrage of lefts and right hooks and then straight shots to rock Ismay who was already in survival mode and trying the hold. Dacres continued to land shots with the ref jumping in as Ismay’s legs looked gone 2 minutes 4 seconds into the second round.

Solomon Dacres English Heavyweight Champ

Dexter’s Thoughts

Well done to Solomon Dacres for claiming the English Heavyweight title, but I will say if he hadn’t beat Ismay I would be looking for him to retire. You can only beat what’s in front of you and that’s what Dacres did, Ismay’s record looked good on paper but when you look at it 11 wins spanning eleven years and he had only fought 3 times in the last ten. But like I said you can only beat what’s in front of you and that’s what Dacres did. Dacres is going to face much bigger challenges as he moves though the ranks and is eyeing up a British title fight. This is where I think he will really be tested and we will see if the former GB boxer has what it takes to get in the mix for the big Heavyweight titles. I look forward to see him do this.

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