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Denny Looking for British Title Shot After a Great Victory

BcB's southpaw Tyler Denny is now looking for a British title shot after beating the unbeaten and talented Derrick Osaze. The Middleweight from Rowley Regis showed that his lockdown layoff had not dampened his ambition to win big titles with this fantastic performance. The 10-round fight was streamed live on the Fightzone channel from outside the Sheffield arena and was supposed to be for the EBU European title but for some reason the belt was taken off the card. Denny who records before the fight stood at 12 wins 2 draws and 2 defeats weighed in 11 stone 3. The unbeaten Osaze who had won all 10 of his contests weighed in 11 stone 4.

There was no feeling out period in the first round as both fighters let their hands go. Osaze had Denny on the ropes a few times in the round but Denny covered up well and fought back hard but Osaze won the first round. Osaze was really letting his hands go in the second with a barrage of punches which Denny took a lot of them on his gloves. Denny had joy with some big shots which seemed to stun Osaze with Denny nicking the round with the cleaner shots. Denny picked his shots well at the start of the third and could not miss with his left hand. Osaze had a good go back but it was Denny’s round.

Denny moved well in the fourth and countered well as Osaze chased shadows, Denny won this round out boxing Osaze. Osaze started the fifth round well with a big spurt but Denny covered up well then got on his toes and countered on the back foot picking his shots well to win the round. Osaze again came out swinging in the sixth letting big shots go, Denny, covered up well and came back with shots of his own coming back strong at the end to nick the round. The seventh was another great display by Denny as he moved well and showed great shot picking winning this round with ease.

Denny continued to counter well in the eighth as Osaze looked to put it on him, Denny moved and countered well and put some nice combinations together to win the round. Osaze poured on the pressure in the ninth but Denny countered well with some great shots but Osaze edged the round. Denny moved well shooting out his jab as Osaze pressed and poured on the pressure. Osaze tried everything to get Denny even pushing him down to the floor, for that the ref took a point off him making the round a 10, 8 to Denny.

The ref Darren Sarginson scored the contest 97 to 93 to Denny myself I had it 98 to 91 to Denny.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great performance by Tyler, he has not fought since November 2019 when he lost his English challenge but showed he is a British-level fighter. A lot of people fancied Osaze for this fight but Denny used skill, great shot picking, and all his experience to win this fight quite comfortably. Denny talked in his interview after about fighting for big titles like the British and I think with this performance he has earned that. He has been sparring the likes of Zach Parker, Lennox Clarke, and Ricky Summer and he has held his own which you could see in this performance. Tyler should now be holding the EBU Middleweight European title which this fight was advertised to be for but for some reason it wasn’t. If it had of been Denny would have been added to the Bbcolumn Hall of Fame so fingers crossed he either gets to fight for that title next or for the British. The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to seeing Denny in action again very soon and is glad to see him back in the ring.


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