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Denny Retains English Title

Rowley Regis’s Tyler Denny made a big statement on the Boxxer Promotions show beating Bradley Rea live on Sky Sports (12.11.22). Denny was defending English Middleweight title that he had won earlier that year in June beating the talented River Wilson-Bent on points in Coventry. The crafty southpaw (31) record before this contest was 14 wins 2 defeats and three draws while Rea (24) had an unbeaten record of 14 without defeat. The fight was over 10 rounds with the champ Denny weighed in 11 stone 4 with Rea coming in 11 stone 5, reffing the contest was Darren Sarginson.

Denny took the centre of the ring in the first round as both fighters tried to establish their jabs, even round. Rea started the second round well catching Denny with a good shot but then caught Denny with a low blow with Denny being given time to recover. When they continued Denny took control of the round catching Rea with his Southpaw back hand at will. Denny just out worked Rea in the third who didn’t seem to have an answer for the champs back hand. The forth was closer round as Rea had joy with good shots, Denny again just out worked the challenger winning the round. Denny let his hands go in the fifth and caught Rea with some cracking shots snapping his head back and winning the round.

Denny was fighting like a true champion as he continued to put great combinations together and out working Rea. Denny went from head to body well in the seventh as he put some nice combinations together as Rea didn’t seem to have an answer for the champ. Denny looked relaxed and in control in the eighth as he put combinations after combinations together, Rea did have some joy but it was Denny’s round. Rea put it all on the line in the ninth catching the champ with a sickening left hook to the body which nearly doubled up Denny who couldn’t hide his discomfort. Denny showed a warriors heart and stayed on his feet and did what ever he needed to weather the storm, referee Darren Sarginson took a point off Denny for excessive holding but Denny saw the round out. In the final round Denny moved well and kept away as Rea tried to build on his joy in the ninth, Denny stayed safe until the final bell went.

The judge verdict was unanimous with Steve Gray and Marcus McDonnell had it 95 to 94 Denny and Phil Edwards scored it 97 to 92 to Denny, I had it 97 to 93 Denny.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a fantastic performance by the champ Tyler Denny who seems to be getting better and better every time I see him. With this great victory hopefully this will lead to a British or European title shot, Denny has had to do it the hard way and earned a shot at some of the bigger titles as he gas proved over his last few fights he is at that level. It is just good to see boxers from the west midlands getting on the big shows and showing that what the Black Country and Birmingham have to offer. I look forward to seeing Denny in more title fights very soon.


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