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Dexter’s Thought’s On his Latest Achievement

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

So on the 21st of November I embarked on the task of doing 60 two minute rounds of sparring with one minute breaks at Cogans Corner Gym Digbeth. I set this challenge for myself after completing 50 rounds of sparring to raise money for Good Hope Hospital after they treated my brother for Covid-19 and basically saved his life. I raised £2500 for them but this time I was looking to raise money for trauma kits to be placed in Pubs, Clubs and knife crime hotspots to potentially save someone's life. The aim was to raise £1000 which if I had brought them from one of the sites online, I would have got 10 to 12 kits. I was very fortunate to be contacted by one of my old Newtown pals Andy Lea who informed me that his company would get me the kits at cost as it was for such a great cause.

On the day of the event we had a good turn out but a lot of the fighters on the poster didn’t turn up, this didn’t really spoil the day as enough fighters turned up to complete the challenge. The spar went really well with me taking on Unlicensed Legend Malcom Stowe in over seven rounds which was a challenge in its self, another highlight of the day was ex professional boxing Craig Cunningham doing 6 six rounds with me. Also we had WBC International Light-Heavyweight champ Shakan Pitters making an appearance with his WBC belt.

This challenge was far from easy and I appreciated everyone who just came to support me, the final round was the most memorable one with Malcolm Stowe coming out in one for the Limitless benifits ring girls outfits and doing round number 60. This may have been a big achievement for me but the hero’s of the day where the people who turned up sparred, supported me and of course donated.

With all the donations now in we hit over our target and I have ordered 30 trauma kits, so that is 30 potential lives that will be saved. I really hope they are never used but if they are and one person's life is saved then it was all worth while.

I would once again like to thank everyone who came to spar me or just came to support me and especially the people who donated big or small you made it all worth while.

You may ask what’s next? Well I am contemplating doing 75 next year or maybe going for the World record of 101 but right now all I want to do is get the kits out there and enjoy Christmas.

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