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DnA's Elliott Sowe

Elliott Sowe is a 23-year-old professional boxer from Tyseley, Sowe fights in the welterweight division and trains at DnA Boxing School of excellence. Sowe who stands 5 foot 11 had six amateur contests winning them all before turning over to the paid ranks. As a pro Sowe is undefeated in three fights making his debut in October of 2021 at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham beating the tough journeymen Josh Hodgins on points 39 to 37. Sowe was then out again just a month later winning every round of a 4-round contest against Qasim Hussain again at the Holte Suite. The Column was so impressed with his performance that he was mentioned in the Bbcolumn Awards as a boxer to watch in 2022. Sowe’s latest fight was in February of 2022 where he continued to impress beating Liam Richards on points. Sowe’s next fight has already been set for April 2nd at the H-Suite Eggington on the undercard of the Fields against Silcox fight for the Midlands Super Lightweight title.

My first question to the young fighter was did he have a boxing nickname? Sowe told me “My head coach Anthony Hull gave me the nickname Courage as I started the sport with no experience or belief and got to where I am today when nobody else thought I could of. Also, I would never back down from a challenge or shy away from a task that has been set out for me”. I then asked the Orthodox fighter about his trainer Anthony Hull and the DnA gym, he said “Anthony Literally taught me everything I know about boxing. Because of him, I am the boxer I am today and none of this would be possible without him giving me his time to train me. I also do my strength and conditioning training with Vincent Guy at the gym on a regular basis which has changed my physical and fitness levels massively”.

My next question was, who is your favorite boxer and why? Elliott said “my favorite boxer is Kell brook, I’ve always watched him fight and liked grabbing tips on ways I can improve my game from him. The way he performs in the ring is underrated and he never got enough credit for what he did. The timing he has with his punches is ridiculous, especially the fact he's got power and always takes control of the ring, he is always up for a fight”.

I then asked Sowe, what is the best fight you have seen? He said, “the best fight I’ve seen has to be the 3rd fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, both fighters throwing pure power shots to knock each other out for 11 rounds until wilder got stopped with 5 knockdowns”.

My final question to the Bbcolumn Boxer to watch was, what inspired you to take up boxing? Sowe said “ I started boxing as I wanted to do something different with my life. I love the sport and always watched fights live since I was younger. I would always get into fights as a kid growing up around my area and as I grew older, I managed to get myself in the gym and to see if the boxing life was for me”.

Sowe finished by saying “I’m a young, hungry fighter that wants to get as far in this sport as I possibly can. I’ll be looking forward to getting a Midlands area title shot hopefully next year. My dream with my career is to be able to have a chance to fight for the British title, but for now, I’m just going to take one step as a tine and one fight at a time. I would also like to give a massive shout to my sponsor mellow (@mellows_catering) who has joined the team and supported me from the start of my professional career.

So, join and follow me on my journey @elliottsowe

Dexter’s Thought’s

I have seen all three of Sowe’s fights and have really been impressed every time I have seen him. He had a hard battle with Josh Hodgins in his first contest and has shown his skills and power in his second and seemed the complete product in his third fight. I can definitely see him getting an area title shot in the next year or do if he keeps improving the way he is and who knows how far he can get to. Sowe seems to be in a great stable at DnA Boxing gym with the likes of prospects Tyler Christopher and Jagdeep Purewal and veterans Ishmael Ellis and Andrew Robinson. Trainer Anthony Hull and his team have done a great job with his hot prospects and they all look destined to be contending for titles in the next year or so. Sowe was mentioned in the Bbcolumn Awards as a boxer to watch and after seeing his first fight of 2022 I think he will be, I look forward to following his career.

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