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Draw in Poland For D’Animal

‘D’Animal’ Andrew Robinson went on the road to Radomsko, Poland (26,11,21) to take on Danian Jonak in the Middleweight division. This was the second time Robinson had fought Jonak as he had beaten him before in Poland in April 2019 in a 8 round split decision win. There latest contest was over 8 rounds again with both fighters coming in 11 stone 9. The fight its self was a battling one with a lot of the people watching thinking Robinson was edging it after breaking Jonak's nose and really put him though the mill. After the fight had finished the score cards said with two of the judges having it 76 to 76 draw with one having it 77 to 75 Jonak with the fight being deemed a majority draw.

Dexter’s Thought’s

All I can say getting a draw in Poland as an away fighter is like getting a win, I sure if there was anyway they could have gave it Jonak they would have. I have talked to Robinson a few days after the show and as much as he was dispirited in the result, he was no surprised. Robinson and his DnA, will wipe themselves down and will be ready to go again when another opportunity presents himself. I look forward to see D’Animal eat again very soon.

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