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Eggington Defends Title

‘The Savage’ Sam Eggington defended his WBC Silver Middleweight title in a potential fight of the year contest live on channel 5. Eggington took on the unbeaten Frenchman Bilel Jktou at the Skydome arena Coventry topping the bill on the Hennessy Sports Promotion show (10,9,21). In this magnificent back and fourth encounter Jktou brought the best out of ‘The Savage’ with the judges being spit at the end of this 12 round encounter. Sam Eggington weighed in at 11 stone 4 with Jktou coming in 11 stone 3 with Mark Lyson refereeing the contest.

It was a fast start by both fighters as they both let there hands go getting great shots off, I just had Jktou edging it. They went toe to toe in the second as they both let big bursts of combinations off as they went at it in the centre of the ring, Eggington sustained a cut above his right eye but I could not split them in this round. In the third Eggington gave himself some space and started to get nice clean shots off, Jktou had his moments in the round but Eggington won this one. Eggington started the fourth round well staying behind his jab, Eggington then started to hold his feet and got toe to toe with Jktou who came back strong to just edge the round.

The fifth was another toe-to-toe round that could have been fought in a phone box, both fighters got great combinations off with Eggington edging it with the better work rate. Eggington mixed it up well in the sixth boxing long and then going toe to toe, this was Eggington’s most convincing round. Jktou was still battling hard but Eggington’s work rate was winning him the seventh round Jktou finished the round strong but it was Eggington’s round. Jktou started the eighth round strong but Eggington came back hard in the second part of the round to winning it.

Jktou started the ninth well with some nice shots and combinations, but Eggington rallied again and got some great combinations off of his own to just nick the round. In the tenth Eggington boxed well using his jab and good movement to control the start of the round, Jktou came back strong in the second part of the round to make it even. The eleventh was won by Eggington’s work rate as both fighters went toe to toe again for the entire round. Both fighters left it all in the ring in this fantastic contest as they both neither took a step back as the banged in shots with Eggington finishing the stronger.

The fight went to the judges who had gave a split decision Judge Chirstophe Fernandez had it 116 to 112 Jktou, John Latham had it 117 to 112 Eggington and Judge Alexander Walter scored it 117 to 111 Eggington. I had it 118 to 113 Eggington.

Dexter’s Thought’s

First things first what a great fight that was and it will definitely be a contender for fight of the year. Eggington was tested in every round of this fight by a fighter who did not know how to lose. At points in the fight when they went toe to toe it looked like ‘The Savage’ could be out savaged as Jktou seemed to have a lot of joy in this pitched battle. But Eggington’s work rate and desire to win saw him edge a lot of the rounds but when Eggington used his jab and movement he seemed in complete control. I think if he had boxed that way on the outside his night would have been much easier but anyone who has watched Eggington fight knows that’s not ‘The Savage’s’ way. This is why Eggington’s fights are always exciting encounters and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Sam and his team must now be looking at getting a crack at a World title and after this performance Eggington definitely deserves it. I look forward to seeing ‘The Savage’ in the ring again very soon.


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