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Eggington Returns with Savage Victory, Including Hennessy Sports Undercard

‘The Savage' Sam Eggington returned to winning ways with a great performance against former world challenger and British champion Ashley Theophane. The fight was the headliner on the Hennessy Sports Promotion show live on channel five (11,12 20) behind closed doors in Redditch. The contest was in the super Welterweight division and was contested over 10 rounds with both fighters weighing in 10 stone 13 for the fight.

From the first bell, Eggington took the center of the ring and pressed Theophane who got some good shots off which Eggington took on the gloves and banged in some Savage shots of his own. Eggington used educated pressure in the second as he picked his shots well banging in big shots to the head and body. Theophane was caught with a big shot late in the round which put him down with the ref giving him an 8 count just before the bell rang. In the third Eggington continued to bang in heavy body shots with Theophane fighting back hard but Eggington won the round.

Eggington smashed in body shot after body shot in the fourth as he pinned Theophane to the ropes. Theophane continued to fight back hard but Eggington was bossing the fight. Eggington starked Theophane and picked his shots well in the fifth banging in hurtful body shots. Eggington continued to pick his shots well banging in some big body shots in the sixth, the end came when ‘The Savage’ crashed in a hurtful right to the body of Theophane who crumbled to the floor. The ref got to 8 before Theophane rose to his feet but the fight was waved off.

Eggington wins Sixth-round stoppage.

The undercard was disappointingly not really shown with only the 2 McKenna brothers fights being shown complete and the rest only getting a short recap at the end.

Here are the results from the Midlands fighters and a review of the clips they showed and what was said.

Kaisee Benjamin v Ben Fields

Welterweight Midlands area title fight

This 10 rounder was highly anticipated and it was a complete shock to me that in a 2-hour show they could not show this fight in full. From what I have heard and the clips I saw it lived up to the hype with Fields who had moved up a division for this fight pressing and putting the pressure on from the first bell. Benjamin did not disappoint using his skills and movement to deal with ‘The 0-Taker’s' onslaught getting a very close decision on the refs' card 97 to 95. A lot of the people present have said that this was by far the fight of the night, the Bbcolumn will be giving their in-depth review on the fight when we get to see it in full.

The Body Breaker’ ‘The One and Only' Idris Virgo won every round of his 4 round contest against Kevin McCauley, commutator Richie Woodhall said he was very impressed with Virgo's performance. Forty-one-year-old McCauley is a veteran Journeyman who has won 15 fights drew 12 but has lost 209 and is a very experienced fighter. Virgo is set to fight next week with his opponent yet to be named on the undercard of the Shakan Pitters Craig Richards British title fight.

Cruiserweight Matt Gorden was stopped tonight with only four seconds left in the second round, Gorden was not happy with the stoppage as he felt he was still ok to fight on against Tommy Welsh who was making his debut.

Dexter’s Thought’s

I was very impressed with Eggington tonight, there was more maturity to his craft than ‘The Savage’ of old. I had saw glimpses of this in his last fight with Cheeseman where he started the fight at his normal super-fast pace and just pressed forward to get his shot off. Halfway through that fight he seemed to change his style and became more patient and picked his shots well and still got his big body shots off. Against Theophane from the first bell he took the center of the ring and used ‘Educated Pressure' to get his shots off and get the stoppage against a tough durable and former world title challenger. His move to Hennessy may be the best thing for him as they may be able to get him to the position of fighting for a world title. Eggington said he is not going to be chasing anyone and I don’t blame him, Cheeseman has taken a side step in my opinion by going for the British title which he has already won. I really want to see Sam in a world title fight before he retires and at only 27 he has got a few years in his locker to achieve this and the Column look forward to that day.

I will say a big congratulations to Kaisee Benjamin after he won the welterweight Midlands area title against the very tough Ben Fields. I was not happy that they did not show this fight live or even extended highlights of the fight as this was always going to be a cracker. These fighters' styles made this fight and from what I have seen ‘skill beat will’ with the highly skilled Benjamin getting the verdict against the relentless, all heart Fields who would have left it all in the ring. I have yet to see the fight in full and when I do there will be a more in-depth write-up about the contests. Benjamin has fought for this Midlands area title 4 times now and in my opinion, should be contesting for English or even British titles in his next few fights. As for the ‘0-Taker’ Ben Fields, he will be back out at super lightweight as soon as his manager Jon Pegg can get him a fight but just being able to challenge against the likes of Benjamin say's that Fields is at English or even British level in his respective division.

Idris Virgo got another victory tonight against a durable journeyman in Kevin McCauley, Virgo is now unbeaten in 9 fights and has now dropped down to the Middleweight division. He really needs to be given a challenge as if he fights as well as he talks he would-be champion of the world by now. He is fighting again next week on the undercard of the Shakan Pitters, Craig Richards British title fight most likely against another journeyman so will be 10 without defeat. The vacant Middleweight Midlands area title will be contested for on the same show between Coventry’s River Wilson-Bent and from the Black Country Troi Coleman who is going up and coming down from their respective divisions to fight for it. I’m a bit shocked that ‘The one and Only' Idris Virgo wasn’t put up for this title but he must surely challenge the winner for this title to prove he is not just hype.

Matt Gorden was stopped with four seconds to go in the second round of his contest against Tommy Welsh who was making his debut. Gorden was not happy about the stoppage as he thought he was ok. From what I saw Gorden was hurt but could have most likely seen the round out and recovered with a minute's rest but as a ref I will say it has got to be safety first and the ref has only seconds to make a decision. Like all the fights on the undercard, I look forward to seeing the whole fight on YouTube.


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