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Eggington to fight at the Garden

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

As we come out of the boxing Lockdown ‘The Savage’ Sam Eggington (26) will defend his IBF international Light Middleweight title at the Garden, not Madison Square but Eddie Hearns Matchrooms HQ's back garden. Matchroom boxing will be holding several events called Matchroom ‘Fight Camp' behind closed doors ioon August 1st and will be aired live on sky sports. Top ten IBF ranked Eggington (26-6) won the IBF international Light Middleweight title by beating Orlando Flordigiglio in Italy in September of last year. Eggington and his team were given a choice of opponents for this fight by Matchroom and chose to defend the title against Bermondsey’s Ted Cheeseman (24). Former British Light Middleweight Champion Cheeseman (15-2-1) has not won in his last three fights losing his EBU European title challenge against Sergio Garcia, then getting a draw against Kieron Conway and losing his British title to Scott Fitzgerald, so he will be determined to get back to winning ways.

Eddie Hearn held a press conference between the two fighters via the internet due to social distancing and asked Eggington what he thought about Cheeseman and the fight? Sam told him “He don’t give up when it gets hard but I have full faith in the fact that if anyone can make him give up I’m that guy. It will be a good fight while it last.”.

When Eddie asked Cheeseman how he felt about the fight and did he think Eggington’s experience would give Sam an advantage? The Millwall fan said “I have got my hunger and determination back and I can’t wait to push on with my career". On Eggington’s experience Ted said “Sam is very experience but he came into the sport to earn money, I came into the sport to be the best and I still have that aim. I don’t think Sam has that and I think this is more about money for him, for me it’s to go as far as I can".

When Eddie asked Sam whether he still had the desire or is it just for the money? He said “it has always been about the money, that’s why I turned pro, but the desire is still there, to win these fights you need the desire”.

Cheeseman then talked about Eggington fighting at Light Middleweight and had this to say. He told Eddie “I think Sam is a big Welterweight but a fragile Light Middle so when push comes to shove and I start to bully him the middle of the ring he anit got no plan B, but I have".

When asked for a prediction, Ted said “I’ll get Sam out of there in the later rounds".

Sam replied with “We picked him out, this is not a fight that worries me. I’ll get the win any way shape or from I’ll get the win".

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great fight! I mentioned this fight several times in the Column last year and even mentioned it in an interview with Sam. These fighters styles will make for a great fight, it is just a shame that there followers won’t be there to cheer them on as they both have a big fan base. This is going to be a great fight it could have been held it in a phone box as they wont have to go looking for each other. This will be a toe to toe war I have no doubt about this and you would have to back Eggington to get the job done.

But you can not look passed Cheeseman as he is a dangerous opponent and his Millwall!

Cheeseman will know that this is a must win for him after suffering 2 defeats and a draw in his last three fights, so he will be determined to win this title.

As much as I like Cheeseman and I am a Millwall supporter I think Eggington will be to much for the ‘Big Cheese’ and will stop him in the 8th or 9th round. It’s great that these kind of fights are being made and that the boxing Lockdown is over, I’m really looking forward to being back at the small hall shows when the Lockdown is fully over.




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