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Ellis Stopped By Matchroom’s Hot Prospect

Ellis Stopped By Matchroom’s Hot Prospect

Birmingham’s Ishmael Ellis rolled the dice against Matchroom’s hot prospect Dalton Smith live on Sky Sports at Wembley (13,2,21). Dalton (24) was a former member of the Great Britain squad and gained massive experience in the world series of boxing as an amateur. This was a step up for Dalton who has an unbeaten record of 6 without defeat as it was his first 10 rounder and Ellis had fought at a much higher level as a pro contesting for the Midlands area title twins.

It became clear very quickly that Dalton was the real deal as he hunted Ellis down from the first bell looking for a quick win rocking him with a tidy right counter in the middle of the second round. Dalton got another 2 cracking right hands off a the end of the 2nd round as Ellis hung in there but looked hurt. In the third Dalton was in full control and banged in big shots and combinations that seemed to hurt Ellis every time. Ellis’s cornerman Jon Pegg did the right thing by pulling Ellis out at the end of the third.

This is Ellis’s third defeat in a row as he has been forced to go on the road due to the lockdown and take on these very tough fights.

Ellis took to social media after to thank his team and his fans for their support and confirmed that this is not the end for him as he vies to win the Midlands area title.

Dexter’s Thought’s

This was always going to be a big ask for Ellis as Smith is one of Matchroom’s hot prospects. Smith proved that he is and I’m glad that Jon Pegg made the right decision to pull him out at the end of the third. It is good to hear that Ellis is going to continue as he has not let these defeats define him. He has stated that he wants the Midlands area title and I know that with his will and determination and the great team behind him he will get another shot at it. Ellis can hold his head up high as he is a credit to his D&A gym and to Birmingham boxing. The Column looks forward to reporting on Ellis fighting for the Midlands title very soon.

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