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Ellis Stopped for First Time

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Birmingham's Ishmael Ellis (11-2) and his team rolled the dice to take a fight at fairly short notices against the unbeaten Craig Macintyne (11-0-1). The eight round fight was streamed live on IFL TV's youtube channel and was held at Production Park Studios Yorkshire for MTK Golbal.

Ellis (29) weighed in 10 stone 1 and Macintyne (25) weighed in 10 stone 2 for this eight round fight. Macintyne took the centre and worked behind a sharp jab, Ellis moved well on the outside and fired back with shots of his own. Near the end of the round Macintyne caught Ellis with some cracking shots to win the round with ease. Ellis fought hard in the second and did get some joy but Macintyne controlled the round and caught Ellis with some big right hands.

In the third Macintyne turned up the pressure and after Ellis had complained about being hit on the back of the head he was caught with a cracking right hand which rocked him, Macintyne went in for the finish but Ellis stood strong and fought back when he could to see the round out. Macintyne kept Ellis on the back foot in the forth with a good jab, Macintyne had banging in good body shots in every round and it was a left hook body shot that put Ellis down for the first time in his pro career. Ellis got back to his feet took an eight count and managed to see the round out. Macintyne controlled the pace in the fifth and staked Ellis down picking his shots well, the ref then stepped in and stopped the fight when Macintyne put in a sustained attack on Ellis.

Dexter's Thoughts

This was the first time I had seen Macintyne fight and I have to say he looked impressive, Ellis is a very tough opponent and as hard as it is to say Ellis was out matched in every department on the night. Ellis and his team rolled the dice tonight and fair play to Ish for taking this fight at quite short notice. Ellis showed some real resilience in this fight and showed he is one tough customer, I’m sure him and his team will learn from this fight and will come back stronger. I look forward to watching Ellis when the small hall shows restart in Birmingham.


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