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England Awaits TOP 27.11.21

Tommy Owens Promotions held there final show of the year with a jam packed card with an English title as the main event. The main event was contested by Sam Gilley from London taking on Evaldas Korsakas from Hull and was for the English Super Welterweight title. Gilley won the title with a fourth-round knockout with a big left body shot. He will now be taking on Drew Brown in 2022 where he will have to defend his title.

On the undercard you had seven fights with 5 of them being over 4 three-minute rounds a 2 over six. In the four rounders’ you had Tom Cashmore, Elliott Sowe, Bradley Goldsmith and Ishmael Ellis all fighting from the home corner. There was also a 50/50 fight with Tyler Christopher taking on debutant Muhammad Hussain. In the six round contests you had in the home corners, Matt ‘Swiggy’ Craddock and Tom Silcox, referees on the night for the undercard where Chris Dean and Shaun Messer.

Ring Girls on the night where Megan and Scarlet.

The first fight of the night was Tom Cashmore from Walsall taking on ’The Bandit’ Josh Hodgins from Birmingham in the super Welterweight divsion, Cashmore came in 10 stone 8 and Hodgins came in 10 stone 12 with Chris Dean Reffing.

Cashmore used his jab well to control the first round, Hodgins came back with some nice shots but Cashmore won the round on work rate and the eye-catching shots. In the second Hodgins had a right go and really put it on Cashmore. Cashmore had to work hard to get a share of the round.

Cracking third round with both fighters going toe to toe, Hodgins put some good combinations together but Cashmore nicked the round. Total war in the final round as both fighters left it all in the ring, Hodgins pressed and got some big shots off, Cashmore came back but Hodgins won the round.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 39 to 37 to Cashmore I had it 39 to 38 Cashmore.

Next up was D&A gyms fighter Elliot Sowe taking on Qusim Hussain in the super Middleweight division. Sowe weighed in 10 stone six with Hussain coming in 11 stone 6, reffing this fight was Shaun Messer.

Nice movement and shot picking by Sowe as Hussain tried to land a big overhand right, with Sowe winning the round with ease. The second round was another good one with great shot picking by Sowe as Hussain tried to land a big overhand right as it seemed that, that was all Hussain had. Sowe controlled the third round and the pace as he moved well around the ring picking nice combinations off to win the round with ease. The final round was controlled by Sowe as Hussain poised and joked his way around the ring to see the round out.

Ref Shaun Messers scored it 40 to 36 I had it the same.

Third on the card we had Bradley Goldsmith who was taking on Elvis Dube in the Cruiserweight division with Chris Dean reffing.

Goldsmith moved well as he eased his way into the round putting nice combinations together, Dube coved up well and Sowe won the round.

Goldsmith again controlled the pace in the second as Dube was tucking up well as he took combinations after combinations from Goldsmith. Goldsmith started to go though the gears in the third putting nice combinations together eventually dropping Dube with a lovely straight left hand. The ref started to count and Dube got to his feet at the count of eight, he was than allowed to continue but the writing was on the wall as Goldsmith put his shots together and put Dube down again he managed to get back to his feet but the ref waved the fight off 2 minutes and 11 seconds into the round.

Fourth on the card another D&A fighter Ishmael Ellis took on Lee Devine in the super Lightweight division. Ellis weighed in 9 stone 13 with Device coming in the same with Shaun Messer reffing.