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Farrell Kicks off Pros with a Win

Second City’s newest professional boxer took to the squad circle on Thursday 30th March at the Premier Suite Cannock and put on a pristine display winning every round on his debut. Niall Farrell took on the very experienced 32 year Lithuanian Simas Volosinas who has had 119 fights in his career over four rounds. From what I have been informed Farrell (25) hit his opponent with every shot in the book with the Lithuanian stand strong and taking everything the young Birmingham fighter had. Farrell brought a massive following with him who cheered him on to a shutout victory of 40 to 36.

Farrell has won numerous titles as an amateur before turning over to the professional ranks winning a youth Tri Nations and a bronze in the European’s. As a senor he won European silver was ranked in the top ten in the world and also competed in the Birmingham Commonwealth games for Team G.B. I contacted Niall the day after his debut and asked him how he thought he went? He told me “It was fine no worries' at all, I felt amazing, I felt like a completely different fighter and I’m just excited to keep progressing in the pro ranks and looking to be as active as I can be”. I then asked him when he would be out next he replied “possible June 10th I hope”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I was truly gutted I was not at this talented boxers debut, but I always knew he would do great. Thee Column hasn’t did much with the amateur fraternity but some time someone special comes along like Niall and you have to take notice. He had a great amateur career that took him all over the world and he even got to represent Great Britain in the Commonwealth games in his hometown. But he hasn’t had it easy, hampered by hand injuries' I’m sure if these hadn’t of occurred he could well have been part of the Olympic team. The hand injuries seem to be well in his passed as I’ve been informed he was hitting hard on his pro debut with no issues. I have no doubt especially with his dad Paddy Farrell and the second city team behind him he will go far. How far well in my opinion he has the tools to go all the way and with his following I’m sure one of the big promotions will pick him up very soon and get him the bigger title shots. I honestly think he has a great future ahead of him and I look forward to watching him on the small hall shows before one of the big promotions come in for him.

The other thing about Niall is that he is the oldest of a dynasty of boxer with Patch and Farran following in there brother’s footsteps in the amateurs. We have the potential of seeing the new Yafia’s of Birmingham.


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