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Festive Fights BcB (17.12.21)

Black Country Boxing had there penultimate show of the year at the H-Suite Edgbaston (17.12.21). The show was a short one with only 4 fights with three of them be over 4 three minute rounds and one female fight over six 2 minute rounds. In the home corner doing the 4 rounders’ you had Darren Surtees, Mussab Abubaker and Dylan Cheema, the female doing the six rounder was Katie Healy having her third contest. Refereeing on the night was Chris Dean.

First out was Darren Surtees who was taking on Vasif Memedov in the Middleweight division, Surtees weighed in 11 stone 4 with Memedov coming in 11 stone 8.

Surtees controlled the first round using a nice jab and good combinations keeping it at a Stead pace. Memedov mixed it up in the second but Surtees jab kept him in full control. Memedov continued to ask questions but Surtees had the answers tucking up when needed and the punished the Russian with nice jabs and combinations. Surtees pressed on in the final round going to head and body well, Memedov was very Fame and fought back but it was Surtees round.

Referee Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 Surtees I had it the same.

Next up was Mousab Abubaker taking on Kristian Marrey in the super Welterweight division. Abubaker was having his fifth fight of his career with Marrey making his debut.

Marrey started brightly and got some good shots off with some nice movement but Abubaker won the round with the better shots and work rate. Abubaker picked up the pace in the second and really put it on Marrey, Marrey kept moving well and battling but it was Abubaker round. Ref Chris Dean stopped the fight after the bell had home due to Marrey not being able to continue due to an injury to his arm.

We then had female fighter Katie Healy taking on Martina Horgasz in a six round contest in the Super Featherweight division. Healy came in 8 tone 10 with Horgasz coming in nine stone 3.

Fast start by Healy who used Horgasz as a punch bag, Horgasz covered up well and took a lot of the shots on her arms but it was Healy’s round. Healy controlled the second round with some nice jabbing and combinations, Horgasz let a few shots off but it was Healy’s round. Healy stepped up the pace and really put it on Horgasz winning the round with ease.

Healy started going though the gears in the fourth and let some tidy combinations, Horgasz covered up well but Healy won the round with ease. Horgasz had a go back in the fifth which seemed to spur Healy on who banged in great combinations. In the final round Healy banged in combination after combination showing why Fightzone signed her as she cruised to victory.

Chris Dean scored it 60 to 54 Healy I had it the same.

The main event was a four round contest in the Super Lightweight division between Dylan Cheema and Matar Sambou. Cheema had brought a big crowd along for his second contest with Cheema weighing in 9 stone 11 and Sambou coming in 9 stone eight.

Sambou came out in the first strong and got some good shots off, Cheema moved well and got the slicker shots off and edged the round. Good movement in the second by Cheema but Sambou was asking questions pressing forward and getting good shots off of his own, it took a good rally near the end of the round for Cheema to nick the round. Even start to the third but Cheema took control in the second part to win it. Cheema went looking for the stoppage in the final round with Sambou covering up well and moving out of trouble. Sambou used ever trick in the book to see the final bell which he did.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 Cheema I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Got to say really enjoyed this show, no fat controller there from the board and a nice relaxed atmosphere. Surtees put on a great display of boxing against a fighter who had came to have a go. His jab was the telling shot in the fight as it dictated the pace and kept his opponent at bay.

Abubaker looked to just be getting going invisible fight as he looked to extend his record he had won both of the rounds and it was a shame that Marrey had to pull out with an arm injury.

Katie Healy showed her skills in her third fight of her pr career, Healy banged in some nice combinations and picked her shots well. Healy is a very exciting prospect and I’m sorry to say that as she has been fighting on Fight Zone I had to forgot to add her to my boxers to watch in the Bbcolumn Awards, so let me rectify that now Katie Healy is one of the Bbcolumn’s Boxers to Watch.

Dylan Cheema brought a massive crowd to support him and his own drummer. He put on a nice tidy display winning every round to the excitement of his cheering fans. He looks like a very bright prospect.

Many thanks to Black Country Promotions for letting the Column attend.


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