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Fields steps in to take on European Champ

The Inspirational Ben Fields rolled the dice again accepting a fight at a few days notice against the current WBO European super lightweight champ Sam Maxwell. The 8 round fight was live on BT sports and was part of the Queensberry promotions show (26.3.21). Maxwell was unbeaten in 14 contests winning them all with have gloves will travel Fields winning 10 and drawing 2 of his 21 fights. Both fighters weighed in at 10 stone 2 for this super lightweight contest.

Fields came flying out in the first round roughing up Maxwell and getting some big shots off with Maxwell working well when he could but Fields round. Maxwell got his jab going in the second and was getting some good combinations off, Fields continued to work hard but this was Maxwell’s round. Fields poured on the pressure in the third but Maxwell’s skill was shinning through, Fields had joy in this round but Maxwell nicked it. Fields dragged Maxwell into a toe to toe scrap as both fighters banged in shots, Fields unleashed some cracking shots but Maxwell nicked this one.

Maxwell kept it at range in the fifth but Fields continued to press and keep the pressure on. Maxwell stuck to his boxing to win the round. Maxwell moved well in the sixth as he continued to box well as Fields continued to press forward. The ref talked to both fighters about using their heads. Fields continued his relentless pressure as he tried to bully Maxwell, Maxwell boxed well on the vacant foot with the ref also taking a point off Fields for holding. Fields looked like he was enjoying the fight as he taunted Maxwell as he moved in with his Ragamuffin style. Maxwell showed why he is ranked 10th in the world by boxing well to win the final round.

Ref Bob Williams scored the fight 79 to 73 to Maxwell I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great display of boxing by Maxwell who had to be switched on for all eight rounds against Fields who stepped in on a few day's notice. But what a display by ‘The 0-Taker’ Ben Fields who has just taken on the WBO European Super Lightweight champ who is ranked 10th in the world by the WBO. It was always going to be a big ask for Fields to get the win in this fight but his heart, determination, and Ragamuffin style made it a cracker. Fields may not have got the result but he can hold his head up high as he has always left it all in the ring and his stock in boxing will only go up after this fight. It was a massive buzz for me to hear Ben announced as ‘The 0-Taker’ before the fight as it was the Column who nicknamed his that. This is just another page in the inspirational Ben Fields story and may there be many more to come.


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