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Fightzone Weekend

New steaming channel Fightzone held a weekend of boxing from Sheffield arena's car park. Set over Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of June Fightzone held two full shows on their streaming channel which costs only £4.99 a month.

The Birmingham Boxing Column was interested in 3 fighters on the cards with Brett Fidoe fighting on the Friday and Showy Taylor and Thomas Essomba fighting on the Saturday

Fidoe upsets Debutant

McCracken gyms Brett Fidoe was a late replacement for Fridays Fightzone taking on debutant John Patrick Walker on the undercard of the show. The fight was scheduled over 4 three-minute rounds in the Super-Featherweight division with Fidoe weighing in 9 stone dead and Walker coming in 9 stone 2. All the rounds were close but I thought Walker nicked the first with the second being unite even. By the start of the third Fidoe seemed to have the measure of Walker and just out worked him and got the cleaner shots off for rounds three and four. The referee Jamie Kirkpatrick had it the same as me 39 to 38 in favour of Fidoe.

Showy Puts Debutant Though There Paces

BCB’s Showy Taylor put a young debutant through his paces in a cracking 4 rounder on the undercard of the Fightzone show Saturday 5th June. Showy was taking on 18-year-old Harry Mullins in the Flyweight division with both fighters weighing in 8 stone 1. Mullins boxed well against the experience Taylor with the two southpaws’ entertaining the crowd. Showy poured on the pressure switch hitting and giving this young fighter a good challenge. The ref had the fight 40 to 36 to Mullins but Showy had put on a good display after being out of the ring for such a long time.

Essomba loses in close Eliminator

BcB's Thomas Essomba headlined the Fightzone show on Saturday 5th of June in Sheffield. Essomba was taking on Marc Leach in a 12 round British Eliminator in the super Bantamweight division.

This was a very cagey affair with both southpaws edged their way into the fight. Essomba was put down in the sixth round When he was caught with a lead right hand to his chest which caught him off balance. After the Knock down Essomba picked up the pace but Leach matched him well.

The judges had it unanimously to Leach with judges Michael Alexander scoring it 115 to 113 and Howard Foster and Darren Sarginson scoring it 115 to 112 to Leach.

Dexter’s Thought’s

First I’d like to say what a great concept Figtzone is with at least 4 shows a month for £4.99 with Midlands boxing being well represented it is a must for any boxing fan.

What a great result for Brett Fidoe and what a mad decision for Walkers team to pick such a dangerous fighter for his debut. I had the pleasure of watching Fidoe train when his coach Spencer McCracken senor was training his fighters at Cogans Corner. Fidoe trains hard even when there were no fights on the cards for opportunities like this. Fidoe worked his way into the fight and was a very deserved winner, it would be good to see Fidoe contest for a title at some point as I think he would give any fighters in his division a run for their money.

Essomba was in another close contest and I think the knockdown was a big contributor to this decision. It was unfortunate as it was a nothing punch that caught him in the chest but he was off balance and had to touch down. Hopefully Essomba gets another chance in an Eliminator but I’m sure he will be in high end title fights and will be causing more upsets.

I look forward to the next Fightzone show which will be next Friday.

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