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Four Points Victorys For Pitters, Norman, Farrell & Cooper

Scott Murray Promotions held their latest Dinner boxing show at The Premier Suite Cannock on Thursday 28th September with Eastside Gyms Jon Pegg Matchmaking the show. The show consisted of four professional contests with two over six three-minute rounds and two over four three-minute rounds, unfortunately, the Column was not there as it clashed with work commitments, so this report will be the results and my thoughts on the boxers.

In the two four-round contests we saw two of the best hot prospects that Birmingham has to offer in Niall Farrell and Dylan Norman,

Second City gyms Niall Farrell took on thirty-two-year-old Stefan Vincent in a lightweight contest. Twenty-six-year-old Farrell took his record to four without defeat winning all four rounds with ref Pete McCormick raising his hand with a 40 to 36 points victory.

Kronk Gyms Dylan Norman took on twenty-nine-year-old Jake Osgood in a super lightweight contest. Twenty-three-year-old Norman took his record to six without defeat winning every round with ref Pete McCormick raising his hand with a 40 to 36 victory.

Eastsides Shakan Pitters took on the experience, Darryl Sharp in a six-round contest in the light Heavyweight division. Pitters cruised to victory winning every round and getting his hand raised by ref Pete McCormick 60 to 54 taking his record of nineteen wins out of Twenty-one fights,

Cannock hot prospect Ollie Cooper took on thirty-year-old Patryk Polasik in a Light-Heavyweight contest. Southpaw Cooper dropped one round in this contest taking his record to seven without defeat getting his hand raised by ref Pete McCormick 59 to 55.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Gutted I was not able to attend this show as I had work commitments but it sounded like a pretty straightforward winning session for the home corner who only dropped one round in all four fights.

Two of the hottest prospects in Birmingham showcased their skills on this dinner show with both fighters maintaining their unbeaten records. Farrell moved to four without defeat; every time I have seen him fight, he has gotten better and better. He is definitely a star for the future and you can only see titles in his career.

Dylan is another rising who is now at seven without defeat and is also in the semi-finals of the Top Boxer Tournament. Norman must already have one eye on the Midlands area Lightweight title which has just been won by fellow Brummie Scott Melvin but just like Farrell and Melvin I can see bigger titles in all their futures. All three of these talented fighters contest in the lightweight division which has to be one of the honest in the Midlands at the moment.

Gutted that I wasn't there to watch Shakan Pitters in action the former British Light Heavyweight Champ is one of my favourite fighters to watch. He took on veteran Journeyman Darryl Sharp winning every round in a nice tick-over fight for him. Pitters is now up there with the best Light Heavyweights in the country which Says a lot as the Light Heavyweight division in Britain is one of the most competitive in my eyes. Hopefully, it won't be long until Shakan is back challenging for big titles again,

Olli Cooper took his record to seven without defeat and like Norman must have his eye on shit at the super Middleweight area or English title. I have seen him fight several times and have to say I have been impressed with twenty-three year old. He is also a hot prospect and I'm sure he'll have titles in the future.

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