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Friday Night Fight BcB Promotions (25,2,22)

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Black Country Boxing Promotions held Friday Night Fight at a new venue for Boxing, the Eastside Rooms Birmingham. The show consisted of seven fights with five of them being over 4 three-minute rounds and two over six three-minute rounds. In the home corner for the four-rounders, you had ‘D’Animal’ Andrew Robinson, making his debut Gyvon Henry, Brandon Jones, Shaun Cooper, and Liam O’Hare. Doing the six-rounders in the home corner you had ‘MexiKane’ Kane Baker and headlining the show was Troy Jones. Refereeing on the night you had Chris Dean and Kevin Parker.

First up on the card was DnA’s gyms ‘D’Animal’ Andrew Robinson taking on Genadij Krajevskij in the Light Heavyweight division. Robinson came in 12 stone 3 with Krajevskij coming in 12 stone 1 with Chris Dean reffing.

Steady first round with Robinson controlling the pace and finishing the round strong. Krajevskij moved well in the second but Robinson let his hands go staggering his opponent halfway through the round. Robinson stepped up the pace in the third and banged in some big combinations rocking Krajevskij several times. Robinson poured on the pressure in the final round banging in some heavy combinations with Krajevskij in full survival mode as he managed to see the round out.

Ref Chris Dean had it 40 to 36 to Robinson, I had it the same.

Second, on the bill was Gyvon Henry taking on Ben Thomas in a four-round contest in the Light Heavyweight division. Henry weighed in 12 stone 4 with Thomas coming in 13 dead reffing again was Chris Dean.

Steady start by Henry who was making his debut as he sized up his opponent, his first real shot was a nice left hook which put Thomas down. He took the 8 count but was OK and saw the round out. Henry was switch-hitting a lot in the second but did not really throw many shots but his heavy hand seemed to shake Thomas every time he did connect. Henry controlled the third round and started to put some heavy combinations together to win the round. Henry stepped it up in the final round and put some heavy combinations together, Thomas used all the journeyman tricks to see out the fight.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 35 Henry, I had it the same.

Third, up on the card was Brandon Jones taking on veteran Journeyman Elvis Dube in a Cruiserweight contest over 4 rounds. Jones weighed in 12 stone 13 with Dube coming in 13 dead with Chris Dean reffing.

High-paced boxing from the first bell from Jones with Dubes attempting to match him, Jones work-rate and shot picking won him this round. Jones really took control in the second and banged in some cracking left controlling the ring and the round. The third was another round controlled by Jones who was showing great shot picking and movement winning the round with ease. Jones worked well behind a nice sharp jab as Dubes battled hard to see out a tough fight against a talented fighter.

Chris Dean Scored it 40 to 36 Jones I had it the same.

Fourth on the bill was ‘The Scorpion’ Shaun Cooper who was taking on Des Newton in a super Welterweight bout over 4 rounds. Both fighters weighed in 10 stone 11 with Kevin Parker refereeing.

Great shot picking in the first by Cooper who put dome cracking combinations together to dominate the round. Great boxing in the second by Cooper who went through the gears snapping out a nice jab with some lovely body shots. Cooper continued to bang in nice combinations in the third as he controlled the round, Newton had a go back but it was Cooper‘s round. Cooper moved well snapping out his jab while Newton started to press, Cooper, boxed clever and stood his ground when he had to, and moved when he needed to winning the round and the fight.

Kevin Parker scored 40 to 36 Cooper I had it the same.

The final 4 rounder of the night was Liam O’Hare who was taking on Josh Hodgins in a Middleweight contest. O’Hare weighed in 11 stone 5 with Hodgins coming in 11 stone 8 with Kevin Parker refereeing.

O’Hare moved well and also picked his shots well in the first as Hodgins looked to get on the inside, great eye-catching uppercut by O’Hare during the round. Great movement by O’Hare in the second who continued to pick his shots well, Hodgins got some good shots off with some great left hooks but it was O’Hare’s round. Hodgins started to press in the third and made O’Hare was still getting the eye-catching shots off winning the round. Hodgins continued to press but O’Hare used great movement and shot picking to win the round and the fight.

Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 O’Hare I had it the same.

The first six-rounder of the night was Kane Baker taking on Diego Valtierra in the super Featherweight division. Both fighters weighed in 9 stone 5 with Kevin Parker refereeing.

Cagey start to the first round by both fighters with Valtierra letting his hands go first which kicked Baker into life, both got good shots off even round. The second was another close round with both fighters having joy, I would have to say Valtierra just edged it. Valtierra cane out swinging in the third and put some scrappy but effective combinations together, Baker had his moments but the Spaniard won this round.

Baker Rose to the occasion and put in a hard shift in the fourth just edging the round. Valtierra picked up the pace in the fifth and really put it on Baker with some very crude but effective combinations, Baker fought back hard but Valtierra won the round. Baker battled hard in the final round but so did Valtierra with both fighters leaving it in the ring, even round.

Kevin Parker scored the fight 57 to 57 draw I had it 59 to 57 Valtierra.

The main event of the night was Troy Jones taking on Pavol Garaj in the super Middleweight division in a 6-round contest. Both fighters came in 12 stone dead with Chris Dean reffing.

Jones controlled the first round with a jab that reminded me of my own jab at my peak as he dropped some heavy right-hands winning the round. Gavaj turned up the put pressure in the second on Jones but was met by that ram rod jab with some heavy right hands behind them, simply and efficiently boxing. Jones continued to control the fight in the third with a great jab and put some nice combinations together to win the round.

Jones continued to control the fourth with a great jab and some nice one, twos. Some heavy shots from Jones in the fifth but everything came off that razor-sharp jab. The final round was a but scrappy but Jones jab was the telling factor as he could not miss with it, Garaj hard a go back near the end but it was Jones round.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 58 to 56 Jones I had it 60 to 54 Jones.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Seven good fights on this show tonight with all of but one going the way of the hone corner. Robinson showed power and great combinations to won every round of his fight and still looks like he could contend for titles.

Gyvon Henry showed some heavy hands on his debut as he won every round, he liked to switch hit but maybe need to let his hands go about more.

Brandon Jones also got a shut-out win in a very impressive victory against a seasoned Pro showing great shot picking and movement. It was great to see Shaun Cooper back on a BcB show and getting an impressive victory tonight. I’m sure he will be back fighting for titles real soon.

Great win for Liam O’Hare as he showed great movement and shot picking again the very tough Josh Hodgins.

Hard night for Kane Baker as his Spanish counterpart came to fight and on my card won it. True nearly every round was close but the consensus around the ring was that the away boxer had edged it. Baker was given a draw by Kevin Parker and with his team should look at what went wrong in this fight.

Troy Jones really impressed me tonight with a fantastic jab, he could have won that fight just with that left hand but dropped some heavy right in for good measure. I was very impressed and look forward to seeing him again.

Many thanks to BcB for having the Column there.

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