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Gibbs Shines at Boxxer Tournament

Eastside Box gyms Cori Gibbs showed his class at the Boxxer Tournament in the super Lightweight division (6.11.21). The tournament which is a prize fight style competition was held in Liverpool and was aired live on Sky sports with the winner receiving £40000 in prize money. Gibbs (28) from Birmingham was the favourite going into the tournament as he was unbeaten in 13 fights and had also had an outstanding amateur career before turning pro.

Gibbs first fight was against the tough 37-year-old Sean Dodd from Merseyside with Dodd’s weighing in 10 stone 1 and Gibbs coming into stone with Ron Kearney reffing.

Great shot picking by Gibbs in the first as he switchhit and moved well around the ring, Dodd pressed and tried to turn it into a brawl but Gibbs stuck to his boxing and won the round. Dodd started the second round fast and hustled and banged in some good shots into Gibbs, Gibbs continued to move and get some good shots off on the back foot but Dodd just nicked this one for me. Dodd came out swinging in the final round as Gibbs tried to counter on the back foot. Dodd force Gibbs back winning the round with work rate and pressure.

The judges had it like this, John Latham had itv29 to 28 Gibbs, Marl Lyson had it 29 to 28 Dodd, Darren Sarginson had it 29 to 28 Gibbs. I had it 29 to 28 Dodd but Gibbs went though on a split decision.

In the semi final Gibbs took on Lee Appleyard who had beat Levi Kinsiona in the quarter final on a split decision, Appleyard weighed in 10 stone 1 with Mark Lyson reffing.

Appleyard started the first round fast and forced Gibbs on the back foot, Gibbs then started to show his class picking nice sharp shots with great movement winning the round. Appleyard again started the second round fast charging forward putting pressure on, again Gibbs moved well picked his shots well and showed quality boxing to win the round. Gibbs controlled the ring at the start of the final round as he moved well, Appleyard managed to close the gap and poured on the pressure winning the round on work rate.

The judges scored it like this Ron Kearney had it 29 to 28 Gibbs, John Latham scored it 29 to 28 Gibbs with Darren Sarginson had it 29 to 28 Gibbs, I had it the same.

In the Final fight Gibbs would be facing the experience Tom Farrell who had beat the dangerous Ben Fields and then the talented Kane Gardener in his two matches, Farrell weighed in 10 stone 2.

Cagey start by both fighters in the first with Gibbs moving and picking his shots well switch hitting on the way to winning the round. Farrell came out firing putting it on Gibbs in the second, Gibbs stayed calm in front of a very hostile crowd picking his shots well, Farrell got some good shots off but Gibbs got this round for me. In the final round Gibbs boxed well on the back foot as Farrell left everything in the ring winning the round.

The judges had it Ron Kearney had it 29 to 28 Gibbs, Mark Lyson had it 29 to 28 Farrell and Darren Sarginson had it 30 to 27 Gibbs, I had it 29 to 28 Gibbs. Gibbs Wins Boxxer tournament on a split decision.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great performance by Cori Gibbs, he has been out of the ring for two year and come back with an excellent display of boxing. I have got to say I thought he may struggle in this format as in my option it suits the brawlers more than the boxers but Gibbs prove that, that was not the case. Gibbs struggled in the first fight against Dodd and on my card, he lost but the rounds were that close it was up to what you thought worked better. I’m glad he got though as he grew in the semi final and showed what a classy fighter he is and on a stage like this live on Sky sports he will be on a lot of fighters radar. He is now sixteen without defeat and has surely got to be looking at title like the English or British next year. He has a great team behind him at Eastside and I’m sure they have a plan for this very exciting fighter. But I’m sure he will enjoy spending his £40000 prize money on his kid and his family. The Birmingham Boxing Column would just like to congratulate Cori on a fantastic victory and look forward to seeing him again soon in the ring.


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