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Gingers Dingers 2

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Ginger Dingers 2 was the first unlicensed show actually the first Boxing show of 2022 (8,1.22). Promoted by Bowzerboss and headlined by the infamous ‘Ginge from Shardend’ the H-Suite Edgbaston was packed out for this highly anticipated show. The show consisted of 6 bouts of boxing with 4 over three-two-minute rounds and two over five-two-minute rounds.

The co-main event was Tom Hench taking on Perry Atkinson and the main event was for a promotion title between Ginge ‘From Shardend’ who was taking on Hot Boy Trizzy. Reffing the event was local Birmingham face ‘Zulu Baz’ and the ring-girls on the night where Jade and Rachel from J.P Entertainments.

The first fight of the night was between a geezer calling himself ‘King Freedom’ taking on ‘Big Josh’.

King came out strong in the first with some big shots, Josh returned fire but King nicked the round. In the second King banged in some big shots, Josh came back again but it was Kings round. More big shots from King which won him the third round and the fight, battling performance from Josh who did what he could.

Judges gave it King, I had it the same.

Fight number two was ‘Jazzy JDF’ agains Ant Phillips who was a late replacement for ‘Ring N Tings’ who, how can I put this nicely ‘had bottled it after giving it the Big un’ to the promoters since the last show.

Anyway, it was a tidy first round by both fighters with Jazzy winning the round with the cleaner shots. In the second Jazzy continued to work well shooting out the jab, Phillips moved well and got some good shots off but Jazzy won the round. Jazzy stepped up the pace in the final round and got some nice combinations off with Phillips holding his own.

Judges gave it Jazzy I had it the same.

The third contest was between Wayne ‘The Butcher’ who was taking on Rocky Rudkins.

Rocky used his jab well picking great shots and Butchering ‘The Butcher’. In the second Rocky stepped up the pace and banged in some nice eye-catching shots, Wayne could not seem to cope with the range of shots coming at him but stuck in there. Great shot picking in the third by Rocky and was really putting the hurt on ‘The Butcher’ with him getting counted just as the bell went to finish the fight.

Judges gave it Rocky I had it the same.

The final fight on the undercard was between Costa Michailidis against Tee Davis.

Davis came out firing in the first but started to run out of steam with Costa smashing in big shots and Davis receiving a standing 8 count near the end of the round. Davis came out fast again in the second but Costa continued to bang in big shots with Davis taking another standing 8 count. Davis gave it a go in the final round letting his hands go but Costa continued to bang big shots in winning the round and the fight.

Judges gave it to Costa and so did I.

In the Co-main event, you had Tom Hench against Perry Atkinson in a 5-round contest.