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Great Performance by Pitters in Close British Title Defeat

Birmingham's Shakan Pitters put on a fantastic display of boxing against the unbeaten British Light-Heavyweight champ Dan Azeez. The two 33-year-olds fought it out for the British Light-Heavyweight title on the Undercard of the Liam Smith against Hassan Mwakinyo at the Echo arena Liverpool (3.9.22). Both fighters weighed in 12 stone 6 for this 12-round fight which was being aired live on Sky sports promoted by Boxxers promotions with Steve Grey refereeing.12-round

The first round was even as both fighters felt each other out in this British title fight. Great shots from both fighters with Pitters just edging it with the cleaner shots. The third was another close round with good combinations from both fighters with Azeez finishing the round stronger to nick the round. Azeez continued to push Pitters back for most of the fourth round just edging it with Pitters battling well on the back foot. Azeez continued to press in the fifth getting some eye-catching shots off with Pitters coming back with combinations of his own but Azeez nicked the round.

Pitters started the sixth round well using his jab well and keeping it long, Azeez came back in the second part of the round closing the gap and getting good shots off to win the round. Pitters eye was beginning to swell in the seventh but this was due to Azeez being allowed to be very free with his head. Piteers went toe to toe with Azeez in this round sitting in the pocket and letting some nice combinations off, this seemed to suit Azeez as again he got the eye-catching shots off to win the round. Pitters kept it long in the eighth and used his jab well with a nice backhand to control the round, Azeez had some joy when he got on the inside but this was Pitters round. Great ninth round for Pitters who again used his reach keeping in long with great combinations and uppercuts winning the round. Another good round from Pitters who when he kept it long in the tenth was in total control with some cracking shots, Azeez had his moments and got some good shots off but this was Pitters round. In the eleventh round Pitters again kept it long but battled hard when Azeez got in on the inside beating the champ at his own game. In the final round, both fighters went for it leaving it all in the ring with both of them banging in some good shots, even round.

The fight went to the score cards with Phil Edwards scoring it 117 to 112 Azeez, Victor Loughlin had it 115 to 115 Azeez, and Terry O’Connor scored it 117 to 111 Azeez, I had it 115 to 115 draw.

Dexter’s Thoughts

So gutted for Pitters this fight was a lot closer than the “Judges” scored it, how Edwards and O'Connor had it so wide is truly amazing to me but I do have to say a lot of the rounds were close. I was not at the show and watched it on Sky sports and I do have to say that the commentary was so biased, especially from Matthew Macklin towards Azeez that I had to watch it without the sound to get an unbiased view of the fight. I have really admitted that I am a Shakan Pitters fan but I honestly scored it how I saw the fight and I had it 115 to 115, as in my opinion Azeez won the first part of the fight and Pitters won the second part of this great fight. I really think they should have a rematch and if Pitters boxes like he did in the second part of the fight he will reverse this result and will be crowned British champ again.

I have no doubt that Shakan and his team will be back very soon and he will be looking to contest for big titles again.

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